Thursday, May 05, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

Today is Cinco De Mayo…where has 2011 flown? Where has today flown? I had countless interruptions while trying to write this entry. Soon it will be midnight and I won’t be able to post this. I feel as if I’m in a dream that it’s even 2011.

1999 and Y2K used sound so futuristic. Now I’m hearing doomsday predictions that the Rapture will occur May 21st THIS YEAR! And if this doesn’t happen, then the world will end December 31st 2012.

Of course, I heard the world was going to end in 1975, too. When that didn’t happen, the date was pushed back to sometime in the 1980s and so on…

Although I do believe in The Rapture, I’m not holding my breath that the world will end May 21st or the end of 2012. However, this provides terrific story fodder.

That said, amazing things are happening in 2011. Not just with cars that can drive themselves, but with people.

My latest release, “Inside Out” is about the freedom to be oneself. Often it’s still tough to be different, to be yourself and let the world know who you are, but much more possible now than twenty years ago.

Gay and lesbian people are gaining much more acceptance than ever before. Transgender and transsexual people, however, still face a really hard time. Someone very close to me is a transgender woman facing many of these difficulties. Yet, it was more difficult to hide her true self so she is coming out to the world.

In honor of this very special person, her new friends, and the many other people out there that face similar challenges, I wrote “Inside Out”. What is inside, our hearts and minds, is who we are. The façade on the outside is just skin.

I look forward to the day everyone is accepted and judgment is left to the Higher Power. Meanwhile, I will continue to champion gay, lesbian, and transgender people, and anyone who is different.

I hope readers will enjoy “Inside Out”, the romance and the life challenges. It’s available now at

Happy Cinco De Mayo!



Linda Kage said...

well, if the world does end May 21st, then at least I'll have one more story out by then!! LOL!

Molly Daniels said...

Welcome back Ash:) Missed you!

Jeff Rivera said...

We were watching the news on television when they announced about the end of the world last May 21st. I wasn't really surprised it wasn't true but I thought I'd pay close attention to the reason why some people say it. It was all good though it made everyone realize that we're mortals and that we should do and show goodness whenever we can because we just might not be able to do it tomorrow or the day after ;)

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Brynn Paulin said...

Dude! Where are you? You haven't posted for almost a year!!! (And I thought I was bad)

palash said...

I think the demise of the world now, the more you are asleep.

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