Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Reid blinked. He couldn’t exhale. He could barely move.

He couldn’t believe his eyes or ears. Was someone who knew him from work really here? Had she really seen him?

He could swear her gaze locked with his.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” Brett asked as he threaded his fingers through Reid’s and squeezed his hand. “You look like you saw a ghost.”

 Barely moving his lips, his eyes still on the apparition of onstage, he muttered, “I’m looking at her. Molly Cooper works with me. In fact, I’m her bosses’ boss. She saw me. My secret’s out.”

Brett chuckled, his voice warm and irritating at the same time. “If she’s here, she has a secret too. Has she come out where you work?”

Reid thought hard but couldn’t remember any rumors about Molly. Being gay or lesbian would be gossip fodder for sure but he hadn’t heard a thing. Plus didn’t she just say she wrote erotic male-male romance? He’d have definitely heard about that if anybody knew.

Confused, he scowled and regarded her closely as she climbed down from the stage. Did that mean she wasn’t lesbian? He presumed all the women here were. But would a lesbian write male-male romance? Then again, would a straight woman write male-male romance?

When he realized Brett was waiting for his response, he said, “No, she hasn’t. Didn’t they just announce that she writes erotic male-male romance? Or did I hear wrong?”

“That’s what I heard. Did you know about that?”

Reid shook his head and drummed his fingers on the table. Then, needing fortification, he took a long swig of his wine. “Not a clue. Guess you can’t judge people by their covers. I would’ve pegged her for a goody two shoes. Maybe I should check out her books.”

“They’re probably online. Google them.


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