Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday Book Hooks - Cooking Up A Storm #MFRWhooks




Here’s my Wednesday book hook (excerpt) from Cooking Up A Storm that’s available now at Totally Bound:

It will be released this Friday, July 11, 2014 also at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and all the usual booksellers. Yipee!



David locked the butt of his gun to his shoulder and circled Rique. “That’s not a dog. I’d say that was a wolf.”

Cunning, conniving, lightning-fast wolves? Rique gulped. “Wolf?”

As if he’d aggravated them with his question, more barking tangled with the wind[PC1] . The voices were different as if there was a pack. “Heaven help us.”

“Yeah. Get your rifle ready and stand back to back to me. They’re talking about us.” David squinted down his double barrel, his finger ready on the trigger.

“Now you speak wolf?” Rique steadied his finger and his soul. He’d never shot a living creature, not even in the bayou, so he girded himself in case today was a first. Just as he finished his thought, four wolves leaped out of the bushes and stared them down as they snarled and bared their fangs.

Please visit the other MFRW authors who have so generously posted their book hooks for your enjoyment today. :)




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