Saturday, September 06, 2014

End of Summer Spanking Blog Hop - Pretend Lover by Ashley Ladd


I’ve joined the spanking community with my March 2015 BDSM spanking erotic romance “Pretend Lover”. Here’s a HOT HOT HOT X-rated excerpt for your reading enjoyment so only read on if you're over 18 and if you truly enjoy hot erotic romance. 

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This book doesn’t have a cover yet.

Saturday Excerpt:

“What should we do next? Should I spank you? Or should I tie you to the cross, upside down?”

She didn’t know if she could stand to be hung upside down, to have the blood rush to her head. However, she wasn’t sure about the spanking either. “Do with me as you wish, Master.”

“Good answer, baby. I’m going to spank you and take you from behind. Do you like that?”

Lava spewed through her veins and she almost burst into flames. She couldn’t wait to come again and wondered how many times she could come in their hour. She was surprised how fast she’d already come twice. “Oh yes, Master. Spank me.”

He untied her legs, scooped her into his arms, and carried her to the spanking bench. “Bend over it, baby. Wiggle your cute ass in the air.”

After she leaned over the bench, her hands still tied above her head, she was surprised when he inserted something cool, large, and smooth like metal into her anus. It filled her and stretched painfully, but erotically. “What’s that?”

“A butt plug. It will help stretch you, get you ready for me. Don’t worry, I bought a new sterile one just for you. You can keep it as souvenir. I want you wear it at work to think of me.” He grabbed a paddle and proceeded to spank her.

Wear it to work? What if someone realized she had it on? What if it fell out in front of somebody? “Is that an order, Master?”

“Yes, it’s an order. Wear it the next day you work. Then we’ll see how well it’s worked that night.” He swatted her again and again.

That would be the following day. She quivered at the thought and under his ministrations. She counted ten swats. She had a feeling he had held back, that it could be much worse.

Thankfully, he stopped and licked her sensitive, swollen flesh. Electrified, she quaked.

He stopped, leaving her moist flesh at the mercy of the cool air. “Don’t come yet. I have something much better in store for you. Promise, baby.”

Pretend Lover will release in March 2015 by Totally Bound

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Wow, that's a long way to wait.
Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

Unknown said...

You're welcome Leigh. Thanks for visiting and entering my contest.


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