Monday, December 17, 2007

Check out this review. The book will be released December 31, 2007 at THE PERFECT GIFT by Ashley Ladd Contemporary Released on December 2007 by Total-E-Bound. Christmas is rapidly approaching and Bianca Abbott is running out of time to find her boyfriend, Ty, the perfect gift. As a last resort, she figures that she could wrap herself up in a bow, but she did that last year. She is uncertain how to top that present, so she does a bit of cleaning to think; however, when making the bed, she comes across Ty’s secret stash of porn. She is surprised to find not naked females, but naked men in enticing positions. As she goes through the gay male porn, she wonders about her boyfriend’s sexual orientation. She has to know the truth. Is he really in love with her or is he more interested in the male gender? Tyler Gibson has just about everything he has ever desired. He has a loving girlfriend whom he adores, but he cannot help wondering what it would be like to be with a man. It is his secret craving, and one he does not wish to share with Bianca. Will he be content with his life never knowing the touch of another man? On Christmas Eve, Bianca finds herself at work and still in need of a present. At first the thought of Ty with another man was too much for her, but the more she thinks about it the more she is turned on. Her co-worker, Brendan, is rumored to be gay. She wonders if he’ll be willing to be a present for her boyfriend. To her shock, he readily agrees to wear nothing but a red bow, and he makes it perfectly clear that he is attracted to her, too. Is she ready to unleash her boyfriend’s darkest desires and possibly hers, too? Ashley Ladd creates electrifying romance. She has written a sizzling ménage filled with hot and steamy sex scenes. Her characters are clearly up for anything, and that makes for a very entertaining tale. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and would recommend it for anyone who likes ménage. My only regret was that the story was too short. THE PERFECT GIFT is a scorching Christmas tale to indulge in selfishly this holiday season. Reviewed by Melissa Kammer on 12/17/2007.

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Brynn Paulin said...

WTG! Awesome review!

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