Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Idol

Yeah! I'm jumping up and down, twisting and shouting. American Idol's back. AI is my guilty pleasure. I love the idols. I have a lot of their CDs. I love them! Constantine rode with me to work and back today. I sing beautiful duets with him. I love his album, especially track #10 "So Long". I play it over and over. I also adore Chris' and Bo's albums. And of course Carrie's and Kellie's. God, but I've missed Simon and his sexy winks, his to-die-for accent. I just love British accents. Poor girl - a 16 year old is bawling - she isn't going to Hollywood, but the judges like her personality and are being nice to her. I feel badly for her. I know I wouldn't make it (if I was young enough), but I console myself singing duets with Constantine in my car. Who else? Fess up.

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