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Interview with guest blogger, author Brynn Paulin

I'm happy to have Brynn Paulin with us today as our guest. She mentioned a couple contests so go and check them out as well as her newest book, Tribute to a Goddess. Gorgeous cover, Brynn.
Please read her interview and leave a comment or two for Brynn.

1) Does your family really think you're a goddess? LOL. Is the secret really homemade chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis? So that's the secret? I'll have to try that more.

It depends on the day. I do manage to perform a lot of miracles for them. LOL. And the cookies are very popular. Yesterday, I made quadruple chocolate cake and earned a few more Goddess points. I like to bake, they like to eat. It’s a good mix.

2) How is it to be the president of your RWA chapter? It must keep you very busy. How do you get everything done on your overfull plate?

It’s great to be president. I have a wonderful chapter and we’ve managed to do a lot since I founded the group four years ago. This is my last year as president though and I’m really ready to pass the torch. The year before we started this chapter, I was the president of another so I’ve been doing this for five years. I’m starting to wear down. How do I get things done? I make lists. Lots of lists. And I’ve mastered the art of delegation.

3) What is your normal day like?

Ready for dreadfully boring? LOL.

I get up at 6:30 and hit the ‘on’ button for my computer as I walk past on the way to let out the dog. Then I drag the kids out of bed to get ready for school. I check my email while they’re showering and dressing. I make lunches and we dash out the door so I can drive them to school. I work from home, so I come home and settle in. From 8 to 3, there’s a mix of writing and regular work. My husband’s home during the day so he’s in and out while I’m working. Mid-afternoon, I go get my kids. Then it’s time for homework patrol, making dinner, doing a little cleaning. By 5, I’m back to work—but in the living room where I’m completely accessible to my kids. I continue with my writing/work mix until my husband gets home from work at 12:30. I drop into bed around 1:30 and hopefully remember to set the alarm.

I take Sundays off.

4) I see you like 70s music, too. Who are some of your favourite groups and songs?

I can’t say there’s any particular group or person. My tastes are very eclectic. I love Spirit in the Sky which actually came out in 69 but became popular in the 70s. Seasons in the Sun is also a fav. I like ABBA, Jim Croce, KC and the Sunshine Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Earth Wind and Fire, Donna Sommer, Harry Chapin, Village People, Pointer Sisters… Oh the list could go forever.

5) Ooh, please tell us about Mr. A.K.A. Inspiration.

Well, there’s this guy I sleep with every night. He likes to read my research books and try stuff out. He reads the romance novels I leave all over the house and wants to try that stuff out too. I can’t even be mad that he’s constantly losing my place in the books. He’s not afraid to go to the adult “bookstore” either. Really, he’s my only point of reference so I ask him things like, “What does it feel like to get an erection?” And in turn he says, “What do you think would happen if____________(fill in your own blank.)?” He comes up with some pretty crazy what ifs.

Anyway, when I was growing up I always said I’d marry a guy with dark hair and blue eyes. Darn if I didn’t do exactly that. I got a blue-eyed tall-dark-and-handsome. Mr. Inspiration also likes to be known as my boy toy since he’s younger than me.

6) What is your most erotic fantasy?

Oh, tough one. Can I just say…read the backs of my books? You’ll get a pretty clear picture.

7) How many books do you have published?

Six. I have four books out with Ellora’s Cave and two with Total-e-bound. I have upcoming books with each of them as well.

8) Please tell us what it's like in your part of the world right now. Have you always lived there?

It’s snowy and very cold. It was 14 degrees Fahrenheit today. The roads are quite slippery and I’d really prefer to stay in if it was an option. I’ve lived here for 27 years. Before that my family moved a lot. I’ve lived in South Carolina, Missouri, and Germany, too

9) Will you be making any upcoming appearances online or off in the next year? Are you running any
I have a chat with NovelTalk scheduled for February 21st. I will also be attending the Romantic Times convention in Pittsburgh.

I have two contests I’m participating in during February. One will be on my blog, It is a 10 days of Romance contest with prizes from 10 different authors. The other contest is through Total-e-bound. Please check their newsletter for details.

10) Is there anything else you would like to share? Any advice for new writers?

Advice: Don’t give up.

Blurb from Brynn's just released book: Tribute to a Goddess available at

When Jett, Goddess of the Zodiac Quadrant, flees her home and the rogue god hunting her, she knows she has one place to hide—Earth. She calls on her pledged servant, Thad, for protection. Thad, however, isn’t willing to jump to her aid. He’s served Jett for two hundred years in a position he feels she tricked him into accepting. Now, he has conditions…

"Accept me as your god. You’re mine and you will obey me."

It’s everything Jett’s wanted and completely forbidden. No mortal may touch a goddess without consequences. No goddess may indulge in her lust for her pledged servant without divine punishment. As her flight forces her into his arms, they break these laws of god and mortal to find a love that will never be allowed. Together, they fight her enemy, but in the end, their greatest enemy might be themselves.


Judith Rochelle said...

Hey Brynn, I love your stuff. Was Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome the prototype for the Kress brothers? LOL! I'm a big fan of 70s music, too. Download it and play it while I'm writing. That's some schedule you keep, lady. You get a big Texas hand clap for that. But your work shows the discipline you put into it.

Brynn Paulin said...

Thanks for having me visit Ashley!!! It was a blast :-)

Judith - I am a 70's music junkie. My MP3 player is full of it. I listen to it while I'm writing too. There's nothing like The Boys Are Back in Town to get a scene going...especially menage, lol.

Sandra Cox said...

Great interview, ladies! I LOVE the cover!

Unknown said...

You're welcome, Brynn. Thanks Judith and Sandra also for visiting.

The Boys Are Back In Town is a great song. I'll have to try it when writing a menage.

I have a menage trapped on my Alpha Smart. The cable's not working to upload to my PC. I'm getting desperate and will probably retype it to my PC. I hate doing it as it will be a pain to keep scrolling down on that tiny alpha smart screen, but I need to send it to Claire at TEB asap. Your post about the menage made me think of it. I'll probably edit as I retype.

The music on my MP3 player is a strange mix of 50s, lots of 60s, some 70s, and then I skip over to the American Idols songs now. During the 80s and 90s I was still listening to the moldy oldies. Down here, we have a great oldies station that I ALWAYS listened to.

Molly Daniels said...

Wonderful ionterview, and I can't wait to read this book, Brynn! Hope you're staying warm up there:)

Lisabet Sarai said...

Sigh! Brynn, is it absolutely necessary to get up at the crack of dawn in order to be a successful author? Every one of my colleagues seems to rise at 6 AM or earlier. I fear that I'll never make it!

Thanks for a lively look at who you are. Harry Chapin's always been one of my favorite songwriters - telling stories in music.

Lots of luck with the Goddess series.

Brynn Paulin said...

LOL Lisabet! If not for my kids having to get up that early to go to school, I'd probably sleep until 9 every day. Well...not "probably". I would! I know how I am on summer break. No early days for me :-)

Bronwyn Green said...

You're amazing Brynn...absolutely amazing. I wish I could be that organized. You rock!

Unknown said...

I'm like Brynn. If not for my day job, or getting the kids off to school, I'd sleep in, too. I'm like Garfield the cat: I don't do mornings.

So I hope it's not correct that successful authors have to be early risers.

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