Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thirteener Thursday - 2nd post for today

Thirteen Things about Ashley Ladd
1. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. 2. I had at least five surgeries before I was five years old. 3. I broke my nose when I was 6 in a bicycle accident. I ran into a 3-pronged tree face first. (ouch!) 4. I served in the US Air Force as a Computer Maintenance Repair Technician. I worked at SAC Headquarters in the command post. (Ever see the command post in the movie "War Games"? It looks like that.) 5. I LOVE Clark Kent/Superman. 6. I used to ride horses - English style. I once half fell, half jumped off my horse in the middle of my first riding competition and the judges asked me why I jumped off. (I figured it was better to land on my feet than on my ass). 7. I have about 40 romance books written and published. 8. I wrote an inspirational romance under a psuedonym - it's now out of print. 9. I won at least 20 bowling trophies as a kid but I haven't bowled on a league in at least 4 years. 10. My bloodline is pure German even though my family's been in the US since the 1850's. 11. The only time I've been out of the United States is to have lunch in Canada, and to visit the worst slums in Haiti and Jamaica (with my day job). 12. I marched in the New Orleans Mardis Gras parade with the Keesler AFB Drum & Bugle Corps. I twirled flags in the Flag Corps division. 13. My BSBA is in Accounting but the only time I actually held an accounting job was while I was in college still earning my degree.
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Unknown said...

I wasn't aware there were different ways to ride a horse...learn something new every day

Sarah in Disturbia said...

I must say, you are quite interesting! Thanks for visiting my TT: )

Unknown said...

Amarinda, there's English and Western riding styles. English is more prim and proper. The rider holds the reigns with both hands and there's some other differences. In shows, the dress is much more proper, too. In Western riding, you hold the reigns with one hand. In competition I think they wear blue jeans and are a lot more casually dressed.

Sarah, thanks for visiting me.

Jan said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for paying a visit to my blog! I fear you've found me at a bit of a down time, hence the post from my pup! LOL! I'm hoping to start up bloggin more shortly and hope you'll visit again!
I'm going to have to pay a visit to all those blogs you have listed! Very interesting!

captain corky said...

"I LOVE Clark Kent/Superman"

Um... the more I read your blog the more I like you! I wanted to name our son Clark, but I got vetoed. LOL!

Teena in Toronto said...

Nice to know more about you!

I bowled for many years in leagues ... mainly for the beer. Ha!

Unknown said...

Corky, I got vetoed, too, on what I wanted to name my last son - well, the first one, too. I was going to name the first one "Jeremy" or "Keith" but he's "Luke". Now I'm glad he's "Luke".

However, I wanted to name the youngest "Jeff" or "Jesse" or "Zach". I even had "Jeffrey" written on his birth certificate. My hubby pouted so big, I changed it to "Stephen" which is what he wanted. I mean "Stephen" is okay. However, we already have a "Stephanie". My girls feel like we gave her name away so they call him "Ed" (his middle name's "Edward" after my dad). Of course, hubby's all grumpy that we're calling him "Ed" and "Eddie" instead of "Stephen". Oh well... He got his way 13 years ago, he won't this time.

captain corky said...

My real name is Keith.

Unknown said...

Cool Corky/Keith. That's my favorite name for a guy. Hubby shot it down the first time, but he let me name son #2 Keith. Then two other distant cousins in the family named their sons "Keith" after I did. Besides that, I haven't heard many Keiths in the younger generation. What a shame. It's such a beautiful name.

Jayne said...

But whichSuperman/Clark Kent? Hmmm?

This is important, you know.

Cath said...

Five surgeries before you were 5 then broke your nose at 6?
You got a thing for surgeons? lol

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