Friday, March 21, 2008

What is your favorite Beatles' song(s)?

I'm FINALLY watching this week's American Idol. David Cook is up now singing Day Tripper. He's awesome. I think he's now my fav although I also love Carly Smithson and Michael Johns and Jason is so adorable. David rocked out with "Day Tripper" and that's not even close to my favorite Beatles' song. I liked it better than last week's performance by him which Simon liked better. Oh well, I won't die because I disagree with Simon. IF I was on American Idol and had to choose a couple Beatles' songs to sing, what would I pick? What would you pick? My favorites are: I Should Have Known Better All My Loving And I Love Her Across the Universe Ticket To Ride When I'm 64 Norwegian Wood Something Things We Said Today But to sing for competition? For a ballad I'd choose "Something" or "Things We Said Today", but then I'd want to rock out the next week, so maybe "Can't Buy Me Love" - I don't know that I could be the heavy rocker enough to sing Helter Skelter or Back in the USSR. I promised Daughter #1 I'd take her to Cold Stone to get an ice cream. Can you believe I've never been to Cold Stone? I hear it's fab and there's one in the same plaza where #2 son, Keith, works. I know he stops in there for an ice cream a lot. I usually stop at Carvel or Dairy Queen. Keith tells me Cold Stone is way better. I'm into new experiences so I'll give it a whirl. My favorite ice cream is United Dairy Farmer's Rainbow Sherbet. Believe me, I'll probably hit UDF even before Skyline Chili when I get into Cincinnati in June. I can't wait.


Cath said...

Lady Madonna (for rockin') and Yesterday (for ballad).
They're my favourites!

Unknown said...

What a varied day you have had

Fave Beatle song - 'In my Life' and 'Let it Be'

Unknown said...

Actually, this was a very quiet day for me compared to usual. I'm the poster child for ADHD.

Molly Daniels said...

Let It Be. Definitely my fav!

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