Thursday, April 03, 2008

Holodec Fantasies, Romance, Sad Songs, etc.

I just popped over to Vi Dig's blog and found this. I hope you don't mind I went to You Tube and got it, too.

I love this song. Unfortunately, it makes me very nostalgic, even sad.

It reminds me of a man I loved very deeply, who, like the song said "left me when I needed him most". He never came back, not really.

We were in the Air Force and had an Air Force romance during tech school. Then he went home as he was in the Guard, and he resumed his life. I embarked on a new life as I was Active Duty Air Force.

I was a fool for getting involved with him in the first place. I knew it, but like a train wreck, I couldn't seem to stop it. Or at least I didn't until my heart was too far gone.

I'm still a fool as I've never forgotten him although I'm sure he's forgotten me. It's only been 30 years, a lifetime ago. He's married. I'm married. We both have kids.

Oh, I've tried to forget the guy. Sometimes I'll succeed in not thinking about him for a few weeks, or feel like I'm over him for lots longer. And then I'll hear this song or one similar, and I'm almost right back where I started. Has this ever happened to you? Why does music do this to me? Maybe to all of us?

This was our song, so this one really makes me sad when I hear it, and yet, I listen to it a lot. It's on my MP3 player, a CD in my car, and my Last.FM play list. Someone over at You Tube called it "gay". Perish the thought! We used to slow dance and slow kiss to this one. Funny though, the title is just the opposite of what we are. It's what I hoped for years we'd be. Oh well. I'll always have the song.

Alright, I'm not into being sad. Let's turn this around and get happier.

As you may have noticed by my counter in the upper right hand corner, I have a new book coming out in about 3 days - WILD FANTASIES.

Are you a Trekkie? Have you ever wished you had a holodec so you could live out your fantasies? So you could program anything in the universe? So you could have a wild love affair, an exciting adventure, or just a nice dinner? Whether you have or not, I sure have.

My heroine, Jala, is a lot luckier than I. She has a holodec at her disposal and she makes good use of it.

It's a fun romp with lots of love, action, and adventure, just the way I like my romance.

So, if you had a holodec and could program your fantasies, what would they be? Don't be shy. Spill! :)


Cath said...

Cheer up Ashley!

What would I have on a holodeck? I'd visit all those places I have always wanted to but never got there - for free! Great.

Molly Daniels said...

I love that song, and yes, I also have a couple of guys I can't get out of my head. One of them even lives here in town, but I've never screwed up the courage to contact him. I 'keep in touch' through mutual friends, though.

Funny how certain loves stick out from the others, eh?

If I had a holodeck...oh my. I'd probably end up like Riker and Geordie and fall in love there! For that matter, I'd rather live on Risa!

Unknown said...

How I would love to have both a holodec and a transporter. You couldn't keep me down. I'd definitely be like Ryker and Geordie.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

I love that song, too. Sometimes you just need a sad song to listen to and reminisce.

Hmmm... my own personal holodeck, I'd probalby live out my Wild West fantasies.

Vid Digger said...

Ashley, I know how you feel about a pass love, and she's also married. The song that reminds me of her is by Gun N' Roses, Bed of Roses.

Thanks for the shout-out!

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