Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thirteener Thursday - 13 things in my purse

Thirteen Things Found In my Purse, That I Can't Live Without

1.... Chopsticks (I have to have emergency chopsticks. Sometimes the sushi restaurant forgets to give me chopsticks so where would I be without them? Armageddon!)

2.... Wallet (It's stuffed - I really need a new one)

3.... ATM card (I would be totally lost without this. I mean TOTALLY!)

4.... Driver's License

5.... MP3 Player (I have to have my music. I love my music.)

6.... Tootsie Roll Pops (Another must have. Did you know that Tootsie Roll pops are only 1 Weight Watcher's point? They're real life savers.)

7.... My business card - (My Ashley Ladd published author cards, that is. I never know when I'll be asked for one.)

8.... glasses/glasses case

9.... pain reliever

10.... lipstick

11.... pictures of my kids and grandkids

12.... hairbrush

13.... keys

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What do you carry in your purse, ladies? Remember that show with Monty somebody, where there were 3 doors with prizes behind? He also gave away $ if people in the audience had certain items in their purses - safety pins, bandaids, etc.


SJ Reidhead said...

No hand lotion?

The Pink Flamingo

Holly said...

Hi Ashley,

I just wanted to say it's good to see you on TT-13. I see you on WRW and am glad you joined in on this meme!

Ah...tootsie roll pops. I haven't had one of those in years. I think I need to get one real soon.



Unknown said...

Things like hand lotion tend to come open in my purse and get over everything. I used to carry all my make-up and all my meds in my purse, but one, it got way too large and heavy, and two, they tended to pop open and become a problem. So now I carry those in separate cases I keep in the car. With the hand lotion. :)

Anonymous said...

#1 is unusual. Can't you just use a fork?

Unknown said...

Holly, good to see you at Thursday Thirteen as well as WRW. I'm amazed this week how many people I'm finding in more than one place - I mean a lot.

Tootsie Roll pops have stopped me from eating greasy fries at my daughter's ball games many a night. I love them.

Unknown said...

I knew some one would question my chop sticks. True, I could use a fork, but chop sticks are so much more fun than forks.

I'm thinking of using them for everything. :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh... I don't have a purse.... lol!

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

If a sushi restaurant forgets to give you chopsticks, I wouldn't eat there. Sounds dodgy.

Unknown said...

What? No pocket knife? That's just wrong

Utter Basketcase said...

hahahaha I love that you carry chopsticks around! :-) xx

Molly Daniels said...

Tried to leave comment, but blogger rebelled. Here's a condensed version:

Diaper bag contains: Sweet-n-Low packets, 'mini-brain' (small organizer), kids' immunization charts, and extra napkins.

Small purse: S-n-L plastic container (full), business cards, and chaptick.

Large purse: Practically everything except the kitchen sink. Just kidding...haven't looked in it since 2004!

Phoenix said...

calculator (no, I do not regularly do math when out and about), tissues (I have kids), Piece of chocolate (emergency sugar), bad of nuts (for after emergency so I don't "crash"), ATM card, chapstick, Lipgloss, handcream (vanilla cinnamon, yum), pen, business cards, promo chapstick (has my cover on it with websites), keys, advil, and gum.

Unknown said...

So at least 2 people say they carry hand lotion. I should keep that handy it seems.

I used to always have gum but the last couple years I keep losing fillings in my teeth, so I've given it up.

I like the idea of promotional chapstick, Kelly. I hardly ever go up to people and tell them I'm an author. But since I've been carrying the alpha smart around and working on it, people ask me what I'm doing and what it is, so that gives me a good start to tell them, so maybe I'll try that, too. Unfortunately, the ones that seem too interested in wanting to see my books are my daughter's teammates who are under 18 so I have to tell them 'no'.

Unknown said...

Oh, and Ann, it was a chinese buffet and I kept asking the waitress for chop sticks. I guess she was super busy.

It's usually when I take sushi to work with me at lunch that the daughters who pack it for me forget to give me chopsticks or the hubby who bought it for me at Publix forgot to pick them up with it in the first place. One day I put a set in my purse for lunch at work and then decided it was something good for me to keep with me all the time since I get it so much.

All this talk of sushi is making me hungry for it.

Unknown said...

Nope, no pocket knife, Amarinda. The way my company's going, they'll put in a metal detector soon. :P

Seriously, we've had people sneaking in and stealing from our purses so we've had to start locking the doors.

Besides, I'm trained in taekwondo and my hands are already a lethal weapon. :)

Phoenix said...

Everyone uses chapstick. I keep ten in my purse at any given moment. I went to and they put your full color cover on the chapstick. I also had them list my website and cerridwen's so that I could be located easier.

They will see it everytime they apply lip balm. It takes 10 mentions for someone to remember your name. The chapstick takes care of the mentions and the book recognition. Also Purostore (Livi is the person you contact) is fast and effective. I ordered and had them in hand in under 10 days for RWA conference last year. Not only that, but you get to pick your flavors... or mix them. I had vanilla mint, my mix. I also made sure it was spf covered. :)

More info than you needed, but these have been invaluable to me. I'm now out of them and will reinvest this year.

Jan said...

I'm not even sure I have 13 items IN my purse! LOL


Unknown said...

Great idea, Kelly. I'll have to get some. I'm always looking for effective promo and it sounds like you found one. I've rejected so many other ideas. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Bax, everyone says I carry weights in my purse. I don't try to. I wish I could pare it down to make my purse lighter. My daughters' purses look flat as if they keep nothing in there.

Molly Daniels said...

Great idea, Kelly! I'll check it out!

Vid Digger said...

Does my wife's purse count?

Unknown said...

Sure Vid. What's in your wife's purse? Tell us - if she doesn't mind, that is.

Phoenix said...

Sure thing. You're both welcome.

Forgetfulone said...

Sounds a lot like what's in my purse! Great idea for TT!

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