Monday, May 19, 2008

Question for fellow authors

I have a question for my fellow authors. I'm getting quite frustrated and am about to give up. One of my editors (not from TEB) is not answering my emails. The editor's been in possession of my book for a year, maybe longer and has returned no edits. It was already with the publisher for a year before this editor took it over. In fact, the book had gone through first edits so I'd thought it was close to being finished. The editor used to promise me edits within a week (a few times at least), but now hasn't answered my query emails for quite awhile. Is see this editor is still with the publisher. Do I keep emailing this editor? Do I email the senior editor? If so, do I request a new editor? Do I request the rights back to my book so I can submit it elsewhere (it's the second in a series, however, and the first book is already with the publisher who's not answering my emails so would another company want it or even be able to publish it?) Do I just write off this book and this publisher? It's considered to be a good publisher and in the past, I enjoyed working with them. I really hesitate to send any more submissions to this publisher under the circumstances. I'm very disappointed - and I'm also disheartened.


Utter Basketcase said...

heck!! Thats rough!

Thats a tough one, I would say that you express your emotions to this person (If you haven't already) Let them know how you feel about this.

Maybe in this case because it's a second book, it would probably be best to wait till this editor gets their arse into gear, and then once this book is finished, start looking for another editor? xx

Unknown said...

Personally, I would go up the food chain - explain the siuation to the head cheese and request it be edited or withdraw it. Sure, it may be the second in a series but a year is unforgiveable and you are an established writer with readers who will followe you anywhere regardless if it's a book 2. You are worth more than these pissants are offering. Kick arse

Phoenix said...

Most likely your contract has verbage in there about that. I'd bet you're free and clear to submit elsewhere.

Definitely go above her head.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys.

I might as well go up the food chain. I'm already getting nowhere. At least it's worth a shot.

Sandra Cox said...

Hmm, this sounds rather familiar, but not of course from our lovely Helen. Let me know what you decide to do. Oh, and Ash, I tried to send the interview back but your mailbox is full.

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