Monday, June 23, 2008

Insert Sex Scene Here

I just read on Barbara Vey's blog about this incendiary article at Publisher's Weekly: The essence of the poll is okay, but the way they say it is meant to insult. 1. Yes, yes, yes! Bodice-rippers are my ultimate escape. 2. No way. I don't touch those books. 3. Sometimes while on vacation at the beach.

I cast my vote "YES!". I read romance and I'm damned proud of it. Ditto to writing it.

Whatever your vote, Vote's the American way!

I'm sure you get this. I imagine we're all feeling this way.

How high will gas prices go?

This is a question for my fellow erotic romance writers.

How often do you write a story where you go back and add the sex scenes? Do you make a note to yourself to “insert sex scene here” or do you muddle through the scenes even if you don’t feel inspired to write hot sex at that moment?

Or do you do something to get into the mood? Jump your hubby? Watch a hot flick? Read an erotic novel?

Does the inspiration for sex elude you very often?

I ask because in my wip I just did this. Does this make me a fraud? I’ve been accused on more than one occasion of writing a lot of story around my erotic romance. Not that it’s a bad thing. I like a meaty story. But if that particular story is marketed as an “erotic romance” and published by an “erotic romance publisher”, then it’s required to be really damned hot, right?

I doubt I’m the only one to go back and add scenes, sexy or otherwise. But it’s a good reality check to touch base with other writers.

I hope this doesn’t disenchant any of my readers. My goal is not only to write a meaty story, but a sexy, romantic one.

I just watched the fourth Indiana Jones movie for the THIRD time. Yep, you read that right. First time was with DH. The second time was with my dad in Cincinnati. Today, I took DD#2 to see it. And I loved it just as much as the first time. Damn, but it’s not only action-packed and fun, but it’s romantic. You know I’m a sucker for romance. It’s the best sequel of the bunch, maybe even better than the original. My goal is to make my books so romantic, so fun, and my heroes to be as sexy and wonderful as Indy.

Would I want to marry an Indiana Jones? An alpha that has trouble expressing his feelings and keeping the love of his life waiting so many years?


I think I married an alpha and in real life, but I’d rather have a cuddly beta that helps with the housework and dotes on me. Still, Indiana Jones is fun to dream about for a couple hours. Hopefully, the heroes I create and offer to my readers will be as dreamy. I keep trying. :)

The video below was voted as the best commercial in Europe. God, some days I feel like this dad.


barbara huffert said...

For the most part, I write things in order. I start and then sit back and let the characters take over. I can only add bits later if they choose to let me.

As a reader, I prefer my erotica to have a decent story woven throughout the hot sex.

Phoenix said...

I write in order. If I'm not in the mood, not getting in the mood, I stop to read something else. But usually the plot drives the sex and it makes sense, is inevitable, so I'm ready to write it.

I loved the ad!! Oh my gosh that's freakin' perfect! Ashley, how do you get the video clips into the blog??

Unknown said...

Wow. I did not see the end of that coming! LOL.

As for "Insert Sex Scene Here." Yup. All the time. Almost every book. But be careful. Alison Tyler warned of a book that somehow made it past the editor, the proofer, and the publisher then hit bookstore shelves guessed it "Insert Sex Scene Here" blazened across one of the pages.

Just make sure you DO insert the sex, and you should be fine sweetie!

Dakota Rebel

Unknown said...

Kelly, I clicked on the video button on my blogger post comment box. Then I browsed for the video. First, I had saved the video from my email into my computer.

Dakota, I didn't see the end coming of that commercial, either. :) Boy, will I ever have to be careful. It's hard to believe so many people missed something so big as "insert scene here".

Barbara, story is king with me, too.

Lady in red said...

each writer has to find their own way. my writing tutor goes abck and inserts scenes in her books. I prefer to just let the story flow from beginning to end. I ahve tried to write where I can go back later and insert bits but I find that difficukt to do.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

ROFLOL nope, didn't see the condom ad coming, but I love it.

And they could have saved a LOT of money making that commercial by just following my 5 YO around for a day *G*.

Ayep. Sigh. That's my life.

And I'm not an erotic romance writer, so I probably shouldn't answer your question. But as someone who likes to write very hot love scenes, I can tell you, I do tend to leave them for when I'm in "the mood" to write one. Otherwise they just don't turn out right.

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