Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scarlet Magazine - free short stories

Hooray! My story's in Scarlet Magazine!

What is Scarlet Magazine, you ask?

According to the cover, it is only "The UK's Hottest Women's Magazine".

According to The Evening Standard of London, "Scarlet makes Cosmo look like a Methodist prayer book."

My story, "Sticky Wicket" is on page 83.

Here's what the story's about: At his twentieth A-levels reunion, former class nerd Chris runs into his former school crush, former captain of the cricket team, Dan. Chris had worshipped him from afar, afraid to admit his feelings to Dan. Then they’d gone their separate ways. When Chris runs into sexier than ever Dan at the reunion, he's as hot for the man as he ever was. Now he's a captain of industry, but he still feels like that school boy. Chris has one weekend to prove to Dan he’s the man for him, and this nerd is going to use every trick in the book not only to seduce, but win his man.

You can also read it at: Total-e-bound (.com of course)

I got these in email at work today. Since they gave me a chuckle, I thought I'd share.

The guy in the tent was a runner-up for husband of the year award. Um...I think that's my husband...

Is this why I live in Florida???

Oops! Please don't make me laugh.


Phoenix said...

Congrats on the Scarlet article! Sounds like you and Barbara are in the same one! Very cool. I also love the captions. Though I think I'd throw out the husband if he tried that.

Shelley Munro said...

Congrats on having your story in Scarlet. That's wonderful. Some of the banners cracked me up. :)

Unknown said...


Yep, Barbara and I have stories in the same issue of Scarlet. I got my hard copy of the mag yesterday and it's fab. It's a real magazine, not some little flier. I'm wowed that my story is in it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats on your story being published!

Love this post! Made me laugh out loud a couple of times! Haha! Thanks for sharing!

Crystal Jordan said...

Congrats on the story in Scarlet!

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