Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting older

What is so bad about getting older?
It means we're still here, right? What is the alternative? (I shudder to think of it.)
One of my writing pals, Kelly Kirch, mentions that she saw a reality TV show where women in their 40s and 50s were competing to become models. How cool is that?
I see many women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s that still look awesome. It used to be that it was mainly the more mature men who looked debonair and the majority of women looked old and haggard. Not anymore. Women are taking care of themselves and look terrific.
Why would anyone think that women are no longer sexy or interesting or not wanting to face new challenges just because we hit that 40 mark? I'm with Kelly all the way on this one.
One of my day job co-workers became an airline stewardess when she was about 40. She's in her 60s now and still very gorgeous.
I'm in my late 40s and don't think I'm done living yet. I still see many many many great years ahead and a lot of accomplishments to be made. My dad is 79 and he's very active and his mind is one of the best, if not the best I know. He's a very forward thinker. To give you an example, he thinks we've gone just about as far as we can with computers. He thinks the next stage of evolution is in the medical field, specifically using human brains to control things.
Of course, I'm very proud of my smart dad. He was one of the first computer people. He designed one of the first computers and was active in the field from the beginning. So I'm not totally surprised. I have to admit, however, and slap my own wrist, that I'm a little amazed at how well he's keeping up with everything now that he's been retired more than twenty years. It's so refreshing talking to him, not only because he's my dad, but because he has such radical, future-thinking ideas. Because he's so on top of things and even out and ahead of everyone else I know.
Someone else told me this about ten years ago, while I was still in my thirties: The forties were the best years of her life. I sort of wondered at the time how she could say that and really mean it. But now that I'm in my 40s, I have to say that I'm loving them. They've been great. I'm more sure of myself, I'm happy with myself, and yet I'm still young and physically active and able to participate in a lot of fun sports and activities. Hopefully, I'll be like my dad (I plan to be) and still taking long bicycle rides and walks, etc., when I'm in my late 70s.
If you've not read about their contest, hop over to Amarinda Jones and Anny Cook's blogs to find out how to win their free books. Don't miss it. Don't miss Kelly's blog, either. They're all always amusing and informative. I learn so much blog hopping. I just wish my butt got more exercise doing it.
Also, CJ Parker is in the running for the first best line contest. She asks that you go and vote for your favorite at:
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Blurb - Liquid Heat:
Joshua Daly never dreamed he’d fall in love with a man, but when he’s stranded in a nudist colony, it's the super sexy Paul Norris that he wants.When Joshua Daly wrecks in Georgia, aka Hillbilly Hell, he’s put up by his rescuer, Paul, while his car’s being repaired—in a nudist colony. He thought he’d be turned on by all the heavenly female bodies, but to his surprise Paul’s beautiful bod is the one that turns him on. It’s not his fiancée Carole who makes him hesitate to shuck his clothes and give up the corporate life; he’s not sure a Yankee will be welcome in the deep South.
** My internet's still down so I'm on DD#1's computer. Her mouse is broken, so I won't be posting many pictures, maybe only this one till I'm back up on my computer. I can't drag images where I want them. I can barely copy more than a word - at least it's a pain and takes so many tries it's not worth it. So bear with me. I'll also not get much chance, so I presume, to visit many blogs. I will when I get my computer fully operational again.


Unknown said...

I am 44 and I would never want to be younger. What would be the point? I knew nothing back then

Bronwyn Green said...

I just turned 41 and I'm having a ball. :)

Unknown said...

I think the 40s are the best so far. I know so much, I have more confidence, I'm doing well in my careers, and I'm still young enough to enjoy everything.

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