Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great unanswered questions of the Universe

I've been pondering the great questions of the Universe. Please feel free to add to the list or to make comments. First, why doesn't Starburst make bags of Starburst candies in one flavor only? I love the strawberry Starburst and I can tolerate the orange and red, but I HATE the lemon Starbursts. I would buy so much more Starbursts if only I could get all strawberry. What's so hard about that? Huh? Starburst Corporation, take a hint! PornfortheBlind.org - Huh? You know that ".org" means the entity is a non-profit as in a charitable organization, right? Since when is giving someone porn charitable? I am an erotic romance writer, but it's for fun. I never thought of it as charitable. My day job is for charity, to feed, clothe, educate, and house people. I had to shake my head and laugh my ass off when I saw this in Scarlet Magazine. BTW, Scarlet magazine is extremely interesting and I think I'm going to sign up for a subscription. Also btw, my short story "Sticky Wicket" which Scarlet entitles "Male Shot" is published in the July 2008 issue of Scarlet Magazine. It's also posted for free reading on the TEB website. Why won't my insurance company not allow me to have ear surgery that I need to stay working in my day job and remain a productive member of society? I mean, once my hearing gets so bad I can't work in customer service or on a phone or with the public, I'll have to go on public assistance. How will that help anybody??? What are they thinking??? Oi!!! Why do husbands think they own the remote control? Why do they think it's okay for them to watch things on TV we hate but that we shouldn't make them watch things we like that they hate? If marriage is supposed to be 50/50, why do they think they're supposed to get control of the TV 99% of the time? Or 100%???? Why are gas and grocery prices getting so high? Is it like Scarlet Magazine suggests in their July 08 issue that wealthy UK bankers gave risky credit to US trailer park poor people to buy brick & mortar houses and when those people let the houses go into foreclosure, the world economy went into a tailspin? What about the greedy Middle East oil barrons? Don't they play a part??? And why aren't we using air cars? See my post last week. Why does my son's job give their long-time employees only 5-10 hours work a week and then hire new employees to do the same job??? Why does lightning strike more in Florida than anywhere else in the world? When is Florida going to drop into the ocean? Why did my builder give us such teensy tiny closets? If Captain Kirk (Star Trek) was such a ladies man, how come we were only ever shown one of his children? (David from the second or third Star Trek movie - Genesis, I think.) Surely he had more??? Where are the Vulcans and why haven't they shown their faces yet? Why do men still earn more than women for the same jobs at many companies? Why do drivers think tailgating will make people go faster? (Personally, I slow down to give even more space between my car and the one in front of me so as not to cause a chain reaction and also to piss off the person behind me who is pissing me off.)


Katie Reus said...

Hmmm, I hope Florida doesn't drop off into the ocean anytime soon. I wouldn't have a home :( I think CA is scheduled to drop off before us though, so when that happens, I'll be worried, lol.

Unknown said...

I know a couple of the answers. Or at least one answer and one opinion.

The air car is a fantastic idea. But it is made in a country where the safety standards are not as stringent as those in the US. They cannot pass safety tests here, so we are unable to buy them here. I do hope they continue their research and make these cars safe for driving.

As for Captain Kirk, I believe that they didn't have to worry about more children because he always got it on with aliens. And perhaps human sperm could not mate with alien eggs. Or maybe Ellora's Cave had a hand in the original Star Trek and you are not allowed, under any circumstances, to even hint at pregnancy.

Just my two cents.


Unknown said...

It's all just 'how long is a piece of string stuff' to me...some times I like to remain inponderable

barbara huffert said...

Starbursts - I love lemon, could easily live without strawberry. They only make mixed flavors so we can get together and share.

Unknown said...

GMTA Barbara! I'll give you all my lemon and I'll gladly take all your strawberry. We'd made a great team. :)

Sandra Cox said...

Great universal questions. Good luck getting the answers:) I like all starbursts:)

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