Sunday, November 23, 2008

Celebrate What's Right With Life

National Geographic has the right idea: “Celebrate what’s right with the world”.

What a glorious concept. Who doesn’t look through a National Geographic and not feel awe? Who doesn’t oo at the beauty of their pictures of nature at its finest?

At work yesterday we were treated to a film by a National Geographic photographer. He explained how he searches for the beauty and wonder in every place and that even in the bleakest of places, he’s managed to find it. Even in a field of dandelions that had turned to puff balls, he took a photo so beautiful, so stunning, it won a prestigious award.


I love their vision. It’s certainly one I want to mimic, that I want my children to learn.

Too often we’re caught up in life’s annoying details – my ongoing rants about how I keep getting screwed at the drive through. This morning I got cheese on my sausage biscuit. Although I adore cheese, I don’t want it on my sausage biscuit any more than I want it on Chinese food. Some things don’t mix. Okay, so it wasn’t the end of the world.

But how much better will my days be if I celebrate what’s right with the world? How much better would it be if my hubby did instead of being cranky 98% of the time?

South Florida and Ohio both have a lot of natural beauty. So does Biloxi, Mississippi. It took me awhile to appreciate Nebraska. I missed the hills and trees I was used to. It seemed rather barren, even spooky being so flat and wide open.

But let me get back to celebrating the world. Corn fields are beautiful, too, especially when sunlight or moonlight shimmers on the tall, waving stalks, when they’re ripe for harvest.

Watch a dragon fly pirouette. Watch the tiny dust particles fly by when a runner slides into home. Watch how silvery clouds look when the sun shines from behind.

All this beauty makes me wish I was a photographer or a painter so I could capture it. I do my best to paint all these amazing images with words so you can see the beauty I see.

The next time things aren’t going well, when your mood isn’t the best, look for the beauty around you. Think like National Geographic. Appreciate this gorgeous world God has given us. Help yourself have a better day.

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