Monday, November 24, 2008

Naughty Naughty Boys

"Naughty Boys" come out to play today. That is my naughty boys, Ryan and Drew. I'm sure there are millions, trillions of naughty boys in this wonderful world.

"Naughty Boys" is my latest short story, a Lust Bite actually, just released at Total-E-Bound today. That's

Originally, I entitled "Naughty Boys" "Top Secret Santa". I loved the title, but my editor sent a note that our publisher wanted it changed. I now know TEB also has a Christmas title releasing shortly called "Secret Santa". Oh well. Shit happens. The more I hear it, the more I like "Naughty Boys".

Naughty boys are fun, a lot more laughs than nice, quiet, well-behaved boys that don't have a lot of hot, wild sex or get into sticky situations. Naughty boys titillate our sexual appetites and whet our desire for a LOT MORE.

A whole subgenre has emerged around naughty boys - well, not my two naughty boys, but the entire shebang of M/M erotic romance. Look at any publisher's top seller list who sells M/M romance and you'll most likely see that the M/M romances are the bulk of the top sellers. Right now they're the cat's pajamas.

I just read an interesting blog by K.S. Snow in which she noted that M/M readers and reviewers have a lot of differing views on what they like in M/M romance. Some think there's too much sex. Others think there's not enough sex. Some think there's not enough plot or characterization or romance - in general.

I see such differing opinions by readers and reviewers for all subgenres, indeed all genres. Each of us is unique and has our own opinion. I will tell you, however, that Total-E-Bound requires our stories to be a lot of sex but also a lot of romance and a good, solid plot. Personally, I love a lot of plot and a lot of romance and fun in my books. That's how I like to read them and so that's how I like to write them. My kids will tell you I'm a born romantic and so all my stories will definitely be romantic, no worries. Only my kids, who don't like romance, will complain (because they do NOT want romance).

I could wax on all day about my newest naughty boys, Ryan and Drew, but I think you'd prefer to meet them and decide for yourself so here's a blurb and short excerpt.

Drew's had other Secret Santas but never one like this - on that gives him erotic sex toys every day of the week leading up to Christmas.

Blurb: When Ryan picks Drew's name in the office Secret Santa draw, he can't help but spoil the man of his fantasies. He finds that it really is better to give than receive when he has fun sneaking sex toys into Drew's office every day of the week before Christmas. He hopes Drew will be as turned on as him, and that Drew will return his feelings to make this their best Christmas ever.

Note: Warning X-rated excerpt

By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site. Copyright © Ashley Ladd, 2008 All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-e-bound.

Excerpt from: Naughty Boys

Ryan Holt fished around in the Santa cap his co-worker Angie held out and pulled out a name. He wondered if he would throw away good money again this Christmas.

Last year, his secret Santa had given him a box of envelopes. Not fancy stationery. Just envelopes.

He scrunched his brows.

What a cheap bastard!

And he’d spent a lot of time and effort getting a good gift last year, and he’d dropped a wad of cash.

He hoped he’d picked his own name as he had his eye on Josh Groban’s Christmas CD. He could hear Josh’s golden tones caressing his ears now. He could feel them vibrating in his soul.

In holiday heaven, he rocked back in his chair and unfolded the slip of paper as he hummed the tune tickling his mind.

His jaw dropped when he stared at the name written in bold, sexy scroll and his heart skipped several beats before racing full speed ahead.

Drew Mason.

God, Drew was what he really longed for Santa to leave in his stocking, all six feet three of gorgeous, delectable man. Forget Josh Groban.

Drew’s blond vision flashed in his mind, and Ryan drooled. His cock flexed, as he longed to take his fantasy man into his arms, drink deeply of his lips, and strip him of his clothes. He yearned to see every naked, mouth watering inch of him. He lusted for carnal knowledge in the worst way. His two-year old bed was still a virgin, and it was high time it got worn in.

A grin tilted his lips as he envisioned wrapping his fully aroused body around Drew’s and pulling him into the cradle of his thighs. He could almost feel Drew’s cock rubbing against his, could feel his powerful thighs fitting against him as if they were made for each other. Their musk overpowered the scent of Christmas pine and peppermint. Already, their sweet juices oozed from their cocks which were so ready to fuck one another.

Their gazes glazed over with passion as they caught and held. Ryan grew hotter still when Drew’s tongue darted out, moistening his suddenly dry lips. Then slowly, sensually, Drew lowered his lips and his breath coasted over Ryan before plundering his lips with a hot, fevered kiss and rubbing his groin against his.

Ryan’s blood was on fire and he couldn’t wait a moment longer to make Drew his. Savouring his closeness, the feel of his hard body, he let his ragged voice whisper over his lover’s warm flesh, “Love me. Let me love you. Fate brought us together.”

Drew huskily drawled, “Stop talking so much and kiss me again.”

Oh, he wanted a whole lot more than a mere kiss, but he laid a big wet one on the man as he reverently laid him on the bed. When he came up for air, he lubed his cock then he rocked back and hoisted his lover onto his lap.

“Fuck me now,” Drew implored, his beautiful eyes adoring him, his hand pumping his cock. “Before I come without you.”

From the hazy edges of his peripheral vision, Angie snapped her fingers in front of Ryan’s face. “Earth to Ryan. Come in, Ryan.”

Embarrassed, aware of the humongous bulge in his pants, he rolled his chair beneath his desk to hide his obvious erection. Not that Drew worked in his end of the building. It was unlikely the man would walk by and see him, but Angie would blab to anybody who would listen. Worse, she might think him hot for her.

“Uh, I was just thinking about my, uh, work project…”

Damn! He cursed himself for how raspy his voice came out.

"Naughty Boys" is available starting today at:

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Molly Daniels said...

Sounds good:) As you know, everyone I've come in contact (mostly older generation, that is!) wants Christian Inspy...but the lone print TEB book I have HAS gotten picked up and looked at...guiltily! (By the late 20's-early 40's group) I guess M/M genre isn't ready for the print readers just yet.

Unknown said...


I think M/M and erotica in general, even M/F, is usually hidden, meaning that people read them on computers and ereaders where no one can see the covers and titles and know what they're reading.

Anonymous said...

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