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Best Mates - new book release Monday July 27th

Do I have a new book coming out tomorrow? (Tomorrow being Monday July 27th?) I've been soooooo out of things for the past three weeks, I can't remember what day it is. I missed two assigned blog posts plus I've been scare around these parts, too. I've had pneumonia three times before, even coughed up blood those other times, but this was the worst. I couldn't write. I couldn't play Farm Town. I couldn't do anything on a computer. I couldn't read. I couldn't even watch tv most of the time. Hell! I couldn't eat! When I can't eat, start measuring me for my coffin. Hey! I lost 14 pounds. That's not the way I ever want to lost weight again, though. I just checked and yes, my M/M/F story BEST MATES releases tomorrow, Monday July 27, 2009. I'm so bad. I should have had that memorized. What author doesn't? Oh! Before I forget, if you want to win a collectible 2006 card deck featuring Ellora's Cave covers, leave me a comment Sunday the 26th or Monday the 27th. I'll pick a winner from my commentors. Here's the blurb and excerpt. If you already read or bought "Brit Party" this was originally released in that anthology. Now it's releasing as a single title.

Lovers Alec Russert and Kevin Cosby feel horrible for their best mate, Jennica Chapman, when her current beau dumps her. And yet, they're glad he's out of her life. Unfortunately, thirty-six year old Jennica thought this was her last chance to have a baby, and she's much more upset about this than losing the boyfriend. As Alec is feeling his biological clock also, he suggests to Kevin that they help her out of her predicament. But, they're the ones in for a shock when Jennica tells them they may be too tame for her sexual likes. It turns out that Jennica is a submissive and she loves to be bound and spanked by her master. The shock wears off quickly when Alec and Kevin decide that Jennica will like two Dom masters much better than one. Soon they realize their best mate really is their best mate, and that she's always owned their hearts. Reader Advisory: This story was released as part of the Brit Party Anthology by Total-E-Bound


By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site. Copyright © Ashley Ladd, 2009 All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.

Excerpt From: Best Mates

Alec Russert snuggled deeper into the crook of Kevin Crosby’s arms and laid his ear against his lover’s heart. Enamoured by the sexy swirl of dark blonde hair on Kevin’s chest, he traced his lover’s flat nipple. Despite his nearness to the sexiest man on earth, he couldn’t get his mind off his best mate and her predicament. “That bloody sucks for Jennica. She believed Thad was ‘the one’.”

A low growl rose from Kevin’s throat as he feathered a kiss across Alec’s lips. “Bugger that. If he’s ‘the one’, I’m a talking horse. She’s far better off without that wanker.”

Alec’s heart ached for Jennica. “Yeah, I know. But she has her heart set on having a baby and her biological clock is ticking.” Alec twisted in his lover’s arms. When his cock grazed Kevin’s, shudders of delight rippled through him and his cock flexed.

Kevin moaned and he wrapped his fingers around Alec’s cock. “Righto. She’s such a dinosaur. What is she? All of thirty-five?”

It was hard to think straight as his blood began rushing into his dick. It was an effort to stay coherent when Kevin’s played with his cock, while his strong arm held him. Breathlessly, he murmured, “Thirty-six.”

“Blimey, she’s older than the dinosaurs.”

His own desires surfaced. “We’re not getting any younger, either. I know how she feels.”

A frown pinched Kevin’s brows, and he drew back. “We don’t have biological clocks.”

Missing his partner’s warmth, Alec screwed up his face. “Not in the same way. But do you really fancy a kid when you’re too old to enjoy it? I want one now, when I’m still able to get down on the floor and play with it.”

Kevin stared at him cross-eyed. “You’re serious about this, aren’t you? Do you know how hard it is to adopt? Even for a married heterosexual couple? How expensive? It’s a real ball-breaker.”

Alec’s mind clicked away at mach speed as a smile tugged his lips. “Who said anything about adoption?”

Kevin released his cock and jerked away from him, disbelief shadowing his soulful eyes. “Don’t even kid about a thing like that. It’s not funny.”

Hurt, Alec pulled away, losing his erection. He poured a glass of sparkling wine from the bottle he’d left on the nightstand and took a sip. When the bubbles tickled his nose, he screwed up his face. “Who’s joking? I want to be a dad. I thought you did, too.”

Kevin swore and swung his legs over the side of their bed. The muscles in his back bunched as he hunched over and massaged his forehead. Wrenching around, he looked at Alec. “Well, yeah. Some day. Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?”

Alec did his best to keep a straight face as he downed the rest of his poison in one large gulp. Then he shoved his unruly hair away from his narrowed eyes. “What do you think I’m thinking?”

Kevin blew out a long sigh, his eyes blazing blue wildfire. “That you want to put the bun in Jennica’s oven?” Wariness and a million more questions flooded Kevin’s eyes. “Have you thought this through? Or is this another of your hare-brained schemes?”

Alec’s heart twisted almost as wryly as his lips. He’d been doing little else but thinking about it. He walked on his knees across the bed and hugged the love of his life. He rested his cheek against Kevin’s as his heart turned over. “I love kids. I love you. I want us to be a family. We have a lot to offer a child.”

Kevin turned his head so that his breath warmed Alec’s face. “With Jennica? Or would she raise the kid and we just get occasional visitation? Would he know we’re the dads?”

Alec tried not to frown as he pulled back to study his partner’s expression. Jitters ran down his spine. This was not how he should have proposed this suggestion, he realised. Instead of his post coital suggestion, he wished he’d prepared a romantic dinner, lit the room with dozens of flickering candles and played Kevin’s beloved soft jazz CD. After plying his lover with his favourite chardonnay, then he should have brought up the subject. Alec wanted to kick his own bloody arse.

Before he could reply, Kevin continued, “Do you think she’d go for it?”

Alec took in a deep lungful of air and almost fell over in relief. “We’re her favourite men in the world, aren’t we? And we’re a lot more bleeding reliable than any of those wankers she’s been hooking up with.”

A grin feathered Kevin’s lips, and a rainbow of wonder dawned in his eyes. “You and I are going to be daddies.” Without warning, Kevin wrapped his arms around Alec and bent him back onto the mattress with a deep, heartfelt kiss. “So…which of us will donate the DNA?”

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*****Review from Night Owl Romance Reviewed by Priscilla Petty Grade A! Outstanding Read Review from Simply Romance Reviews
Reviewed by Julie Kornhausl


Unknown said...

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm - sounds like a great book. Congrats on the new release. Hope you feel better real soon!

Unknown said...

I'm feeling better each and every day. Thanks Amber!

The Redhead Riter said...

I just knew when you didn't post for so long that you had pneumonia! I had it right before, during and after Christmas and it SO KICKS YOUR BUTT and it is SO BORING to have to lay around and do NOTHING and feel like doing NOTHING.

I'm so glad you are better!

Do you ever travel around and do book signings? I would love to meeet you in person and bring my daughter who is totally impressed with the fact that you are a REAL author - as she would say. I would like to get her a book signed by you :o) I'm trying to ensure that I remain #1 mom on her list...LOL

Really glad you are better. Have a fantastic day.

Stopping by to give a little blog ♥

Sandra Cox said...

I am so sorry you were sick. Sounds horrible.
Congrats on the release. Wishing you many sales.

Marie Haynes said...

Wow! Scary illnesses, Ashley. Glad you're feeling better, though. Congrats on the book release - As always, your story emits true emotion and hot passion. Excellent work!

Molly Daniels said...

Happy release day:)

I enjoyed this in Brit Pary:)

ShrinkingEmerald said...

Mmm, I really want to read that now! Sounds delicious! Oh, and hope the pneumonia hurries up and goes away, it's nasty stuff :(


Unknown said...

Thanks everyone. Living Fire is the winner of the cards. Please email me with your mailing address - but please wait until Friday as I have to clear out my email when I get home in case there's no more room. Congrats!

Unknown said...

Thanks all!

The pneumonia is officially over. Now I'm having a side effect, probably from some of the meds I was given for the pneumonia. My legs have swollen and now I'm being treated for that. Part of that includes having to keep my feet elevated and since my laptop is now in laptop heaven, I've not been able to blog or do anything on my personal computer for a couple days again. I'm doing this from work.

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