Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm In Love With That Cover

I think I've always been easy going when it comes to accepting cover art. So far, I've only said no to one and it was one I commissioned, not one my publisher had made.

I figure the publishers and cover artists know more about marketing than I do, even though I try to educate myself about it. So although I'm not in love with covers where heads are cut off, I accept them as I hear they sell well. One of my best sellers shows a man's naked torso with no head.

Still, when I'm the buyer I'm attracted to much different covers.

I like to see people with heads and attractive faces. I'll admit I love bodice rippers.

I like covers with bright color and interesting scenery.

Here are a few of my favorite covers out my books.

First is "Make-Believe Lover". I love the dragon, the embrace, and the awesome blues.

I also love the cover for "Civil Affairs". It looks so much like the Biloxi beach I remember, it takes me back in time to a really wonderful place in my life.

Even though the cover for "The Perfect Gift" cuts off heads, I love how it's gift wrapped.

I like the vibrant colours in the next two covers as well.


What attracts you to a cover?

What colors do you like on covers?

I like mixtures of color, when one fades into another. That's why I like the first two and last so well.

Although I usually choose books based on the blurb, a really awesome cover will catch my eye.


Unknown said...

Lately I've been getting covers with a lot of blue and REALLY like them. In fact I believe Heat Waves, which was the first blue cover sold the most books thus far.
Great covers! :)

Linda Kage said...

I like those teasing covers; you can tell what the gist of the story is just by looking at it, but it hides just enough you have to open up that juicy cover to find out what's really going on.

Though anything with a hunky shirtless man is also considered a wonderful cover to me.

You have some great ones above.

Regina Carlysle said...

These are great covers, Ash! Like a lot of authors, I'm a cover junkie. I like vivid colors and beautiful people.

Stephanie said...

I'm more of a simplistic person when it comes to covers...and I don't mind if heads are cut off! LOL!! I love a B&W cover too. Cat Grant has some fantastic B&W covers...love 'em! I cannot wait to see what my publsher comes up with for cover art...they do soem really fantastic covers!!

Stephanie said...

Forgot to add that I love the cover for The Perfect Gift!!

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