Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten Honest Things About Me

I'm honored. My blog friend Linda Kage gave me this award.

The rules of winning this award went a little something like : Give ten honest pieces of information about yourself, then pass the award on to ten more people to do that same. Well, who really follows the rules anymore??

Here goes:

1)     I can never remember how to work my DVD player. I call my kids to help.

2)     The first time I signed up to write an MMF, I thought it meant one lucky woman got to be worshipped by two straight men. I didn't realize that the men's sexual relationship came first and the woman joined them later.

3)     I'm a workaholic. It's very rare when I leave my day job on time. I almost always work late. This week with the crisis in Haiti, we've been working over the weekend, over our holiday, and 12 hour plus days.

4)     I'm still jealous my dad bought himself the silver Thunderbird after my parents divorced, that I always longed for. I never even got to ride in his. :(

5)     I stayed in the Hotel Montana in Haiti (14 years ago) that was destroyed by the earthquake last week. It's an eerie feeling and I'm still praying they find the six Lynn University people that were in there and still missing.

6)     My name should be "Garfield the cat". Why? I don't do mornings. If I didn't have to get up for work or to get kids off to school, etc., I'd sleep into the afternoon.

7)     I dropped out of the University of Cincinnati because I cut too many classes to be with my boyfriend who was getting ready to go into the Air Force. Not until five years later did I go back to college and then it was to the Mississippi Gulf Coast Jr. College.

8)     I hate to eat walnuts but I still liked to find them in my back yard when I was a kid. I was a tomboy. I also loved to climb trees and play with frogs. (NOT anymore. Well, not the frogs.)

9)     When I was a kid, I believed my friend when she told me she was a real life witch. (Not a good witch, either.)

10)    My daughters say I'm a "girly-girl" because I wear make-up and a lot of pink. Did they miss the memo I liked to play with frogs, climb trees, catch fire flies, ride horses, and camp out?

11)    Here's a bonus. When the newest "Star Trek" movie was at the theater a few months ago, my daughters and I went to see it on the big screen at least seven times.


Anonymous said...
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Linda Kage said...

Hi Ashley, Loved these!! I didn't know that about MMF. Hmm. Interesting.

I was always thought tree-climbing was cool too, but I was never much into holding creepy-crawlers.

And I don't blame you about Star Trek. Awesome movie...and I'm not even a treky fan.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such articles. I love to read stories like this. BTW add some pics :)

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