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Monday Minute Fiction: Tease

I was thrilled with the feedback I got from last week's Monday Minute Fiction. As promised, here's this week's morsel to start off your week with a bang.

Each week, my friend, author Brynn Paulin, sends a sexy picture to me on which to inspire my short, hot story. Brynn and I, and perhaps more authors in future, will give you this present every Monday.

Without further ado...


Copyright by Ashley Ladd
March 2010
*No one may reprint this story or a derivative without my written consent. However, please feel free to link to and tweet about my story.

Nicole Dean contemplated a long skinny zucchini, turning it over in her hand. A loud sigh escaped her lips. She wanted to be thin and sexy thus she was going to have to eat a lot of cabbage soup and veggies for the next several months. Her taste buds screamed about the proposed torture and her tummy grumbled.

She was going to be thin and beautiful if it killed her, damn her appetite!

A pair of hands grabbed her from behind and she was whirled around as if she was a feather. As a scream gurgled in her throat, a deep male voice crooned in her ear, "Nicole Dean! What are you doing back in town?"

The voice had a familiar ring but she couldn't place it. When her captor put her down and she could see straight, she sought his face in the vegetable aisle mirror. Again, she couldn't put a name to the face peering back at her above the peppers, but it looked oddly familiar and so hot she started to melt.

Shaky, she pushed the strange hands off her hips and pivoted around on the ball of her sandals. She faced off against the guy. "Who are you? Do I know you?"

The hottie, all 6'4" of him, gave her a crooked grin and splayed his hands. "Patrick Baldwin, Emma's brother."


She gulped and her jaw dropped. Electricity flared through her veins as she drank in the cutie. Her eyesight fought with her memories of the little twerp who used to follow her around and annoy the hell out of her. If she'd known he'd grow up to look like a fireman who'd just stepped out of one of those hot calendars, she would have shown more patience, kept in touch. 

Her hand crept to her throat. "Little Patrick?"

Patrick looked down at himself as his smile spread wider on his face. "I'm not so little anymore."

He snatched the zucchini out of her hands and waved it before her eyes. "I'm a lot bigger than this."

Nicole started choking and finally believed he was who he said he was. She grabbed the innocent vegetable out of his hand and put it in her cart. "Brat. You're still the same annoying little boy inside, even if you look like dynamite."

He backed her against the vegetable display and leaned in close. His gaze bore into hers. "I'm not a boy, and I am dynamite. Remember? I told you so many times."

But the high school senior she'd been hadn't believed his seventh-grade self. She'd yelled at him for spying on her while undressing from his hiding place in his sister's closet during one of her many sleep overs.

He put his hands over hers and his thumbs caressed her. "Fancy finding the woman of my wet dreams in the vegetable aisle of my local grocer."

Her pussy quaked and she creamed her panties. She knew he meant past tense but she suddenly wished he meant present. "Why are you doing this?"

He leaned closer until he was only a kiss away. "Doing what?"

When his hot breath careened down her neck, she shivered. "Teasing me. Cornering me."

"Teasing you? Like you used to tease me, prancing around my house in your teddy? Braless? Your nipples showing through, taunting me? Never!" He leaned closer and his chest brushed her breasts, burning through her thin blouse.

Oh God. Memories flooded her and heat crept into her cheeks. After she'd caught him spying on her, she'd wanted to teach him a lesson. It looked like he was teaching her one instead.

"I'm sorry..." Her words faded. Was she sorry? Would he look like he was about to kiss her now if she hadn't done that? Would he have remembered her? Would his cock be hard and grinding into her at this very moment? Would her blood be boiling and her pulse racing at warp speed?

"I'm not. At least I'm not if you'll join me for dinner...tonight."

Her breath caught in her throat. She wanted to pinch herself to see if she was dreaming. This couldn't be happening. She hadn't thought of Patrick or Emma in years and now this?

Her brain spun out of control. She'd read the dating psychology books that told women to play hard to get. To make men chase them and never ever to accept a date for the same night.

She hadn't been tempted to accept a booty call in years, not since college. She'd kept men at a distance since her divorce from Ron almost four years ago. But she didn't want to keep this one at a distance, not at all.

She wondered what Emma would think? That she was a cougar? A dirty old woman?

She inventoried Patrick, from his matured face with the sexy five o'clock shadow, his broad shoulders, his lean hips, and that hard cock pressing into her, inviting her to have a naughty night with him and to make a new memory.

She swept up her lashes and gave him a flirty look and rubbed her hips against his. Then she gave a pointed look to her cart. "Um, I don't know. I have a scrumptious dinner planned..."

He half turned and scanned her cart. Then his gaze danced back to her. "Cabbage? Carrots? And that very skinny green thing?"

"Zucchini," she supplied. Then she felt funny and wondered if he thought she was planning to be naughty with that pitiful vegetable?

He plucked the green phallus out of the cart and tossed it back into the vegetable bin. "Trust me, you don't want that. I promise to feed you much better."

Her heart flip flopped and her knees began to buckle. She had to loop her arms around his neck or sink to the floor. "Promise?"

He crossed his heart with his hand. "Promise. I'm all grown up. You won't be sorry how you teased me."

She couldn't wait to get him somewhere private so she could rip off his clothes and take him up on his offer. "So stop teasing me and I'll stop teasing you."

His lips plundered hers and he pulled her against him, leaving her in no doubt that he had no intentions of teasing her for very long.

When they came up for air, she murmured against his lips, "How far do you live from here? I'm across town."

"Five minutes away." As if he read her mind, he linked his fingers through hers and pulled her to his car.

Laughing, she tried to catch her breath. She looked at the black night and how his car was parked in a dark, private spot, as if he'd known he'd find her tonight. Then she looked up and didn't see any cameras lurking on the street. Otherwise, it was deserted as well.

When they were enclosed in the car, she sidled up to him and pressed her lips to his cheek. "Five minutes is much too long." She unzipped his pants and stroked his cock, stoking their heat.

He slipped his hand under her skirt and inside her panties. His brows tented. "Five minutes? Hell, you've kept me waiting fifteen years."

She wiggled against him and burrowed against his warmth. "The wait is over. No more teasing."

He tugged at her panties and murmured against her lips. "No more teasing."

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Also be sure to check out my new erotic romance releasing today, "Crazy In Love" at

The ghost of Kacey's crazy great-grandfather threatens her life but just might save her marriage.

When the ghost of Kacey's crazy great-grandfather mistakes her for her great-grandmother, he threatens to kill her for cheating on him. Meanwhile her husband, Heath, finds out she believes he's fallen out of love with her and he sets out to show her just how much he loves her. However, he fears she's crazy as she claims to see homicidal ghosts.

Although Kacey longs to save her marriage, she doesn't know if she can stay with a man who doesn't believe her and thinks she's insane.


A mixture of awe, disbelief, enlightenment, and grief washing over her, Kacey Carlisle poured over her great-great-grandmother’s pension claim records. The ancient handwriting was almost illegible in places yet it was clear—her grandfather, August, hadn’t left his wife and family as the descendants had believed all these years. Her grandmother, Emma, had kicked him out.

Emma had sworn under deposition she’d feared for her life after August had returned home from the Civil War, physically and mentally ill. Other acquaintances had also testified under oath that August had suffered from crazy spells, that he’d thought spirits were chasing him. Others claimed August believed Emma to have been unfaithful. For sure, he’d been a tortured soul.

Kacey’s head spun so she took another sip of her soda as she tried to make sense of her readings. Clearly, there were two sides. Still, she sympathised with Emma. Her own husband, Heath, while not insane or abusive, had been ignoring her for a long time and so her thoughts had turned more and more to divorce. It broke her heart, but she could no longer deny it. Heath had fallen out of love with her. If she paraded naked before him, he’d only tell her to quit acting silly and stop blocking the TV.

Oh, yeah. She empathised with her ancestor. Men could be real shits. Who needed them?

Her heart cracked a little more. Who was she fooling? She still loved her husband, desperately, madly. Insanely. At least, they didn’t have kids who would get hurt.

Miffed at herself, she chewed her lower lip. So it would seem she was insane, too. Who would hang on when the situation was so hopeless?

Only a crazy person. Maybe she’d inherited Grandpa August’s crazy streak.

”It’s late. Come to bed,” Heath muttered on a growl. Barefoot, he padded through the hall and scowled at her. He scrubbed the heel of his hand over the beginnings of new stubble on his chin. “I’ll lose my job if you keep me awake all night. I won’t be able to function at work tomorrow.”

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Brynn Paulin said...

Oh! That was super yummy!!! I love the older woman, younger man stories -- especially the reunion ones. Great job. I really enjoyed it.

Congrats on your new release today. I know for a fact, it's super yummy too!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Brynn. I've been dying to read your story today, too. I'm hopping over in a moment to do so.

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