Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eye of the Beholder

Isn't it amazing how two or three people see exactly the same thing and get something totally different out of it?

Last week I joined Monday Minute Fiction. The leader posted a picture and our mission was to write a short story about it.

Last week she wrote about a shiek and I wrote about an erotic movie. This week she wrote about a ravenous vampire and I wrote a cougar (older woman-younger man)/reunion story.

This really makes me worry about the using eye-witness testimony in court. Just because someone saw something, did they see what was really happening? For God's sake Brynn saw vampires! I saw a fireman calendar model wanna-be.

I just joined a new blog (Lilah Pierce - author) and she has a writing challenge. She's challenged authors to pick one of four pictures, write a short story, and submit it to her. She'll post the stories once a month. Pretty cool. Click here to participate Lilah's writing challenge. Let Brynn Paulin know if you want to join in Monday Minute Fiction here.

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Unknown said...

In court I'd definitely worry, but in writing I wouldn't! ;)

Elaine Hopper said...

I'm not worried about in writing. :) But hell ya, in court, it worries me.

barbara huffert said...

Wow, I'm amazed. How do you have the energy to work fulltime, do all your home stuff, write your own books and still do challenges?

Elaine Hopper said...

I don't know that I am finding energy Barbara. I'm beat right now. I finally got home at 8 pm tonight and have to write several blog posts for a tour this week and one next week. Hopefully I'll get caught up at the day job soon.

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