Tuesday, April 06, 2010

How To Write Steamy, Sexy Lovy Scenes

How many times have you wondered how romance writers come up with inspiration to write their steamy, sexy love scenes?

Come on. Admit it. If you're not a writer, you've wondered. Some of you have plucked up your nerve and surmised...

You must have really hot sex with your hubby...

You have really raunchy conversations with other romance writers...

You dream of huge cocks in technicolor...

You live in a glorious, romantic dream, where princes, captains of industry, pirates (only the sexy, pretty ones), movie stars, and rock stars romance you, pine for you, and beg you to be theirs.

Oh yes!

I will freely admit I live in such a fantasy world.

But I think Deirdre Martin gives away our secret much better than I. (Although I will have to flirt with a cameraman and start making my own sexy videos like she does. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, enjoy Deidre's.)

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Unknown said...

Ha! Ha! That video was great.

Unknown said...

I'm still laughing about it. :)

Stephanie said...

LOL! That's exactly it!!

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