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Monday Minute Fiction: Incognito

Monday Minute Fiction


Copyright by Ashley Ladd.
This story may not be reproduced without written permission.

When Aiden's boss, Ivy Stevens, accidentally grazed him, lightning struck. The electricity made him sizzle and he hoped she felt the same. For two years he'd been her body guard and protector and the role felt right. Money or no money, he'd give his life for her. However, he'd rather spend his life with her, loving her.

"Sorry," she mumbled with an apologetic gaze. Still, she kept walking, darting through the crowded city streets, enjoying a day of being incognito.

He couldn't take it. Employee or not, he was a man first. He blocked her way and stopped.

Ivy tented her brow and thrust out her hip but waited for him to speak.

"Didn't you feel anything when we just touched? Can't you feel this amazing connection?"

Her eyes grew wide and she blinked. She licked her lips and started to speak, "I..."

Her phone rang and an apologetic light lit her eyes. She grabbed it out of her slouch purse and looked at it, grimacing. "I have to take it. It's Justin."

A growl rose in his chest and he longed to rip off the guy's two-timing head with his bare hands. "He's a jerk. He's no good for you."

She held up her hand as if to silence him. "What do you mean you can't attend my premiere? You pro-"

Aiden couldn't take anymore. He couldn't understand what Ivy saw in the guy. Justin was a moron who didn't deserve a sweet woman like Ivy. He had his fans and Ivy fooled but not him. The way he treated Ivy infuriated him.

Rage exploded inside him and he snapped. He snatched her phone and dropped it down his pants. The metal was cool against his cock and it scraped his balls. The phone hung heavy in his briefs and felt funny. But  he dared her to get her phone.

Ivy gaped at him, her eyes wide as quarters. "I can't believe you did that." She bent and spoke into his groin, "Justin, do you hear me, you snake?"

She pushed Aiden onto his rump on the sidewalk and looked inside his pants.

"What do you think you're doing?" He hoped she liked what she saw, that it would drive all thought of the other man out of her head.

"What do you think I'm doing, you dork?"

Shadows fell over them and he glanced up. Several people were pointing and laughing. Others gasped and shook their heads. Cameras began snapping.

When he recognized the Paparrazzzi he swore under his breath. "Creating a scene. Much as I've dreamed of you playing with my cock," he murmured huskily so that just she could hear. "I don't think you want it smeared all over the news."

Her eyes narrowed, pinning him as if he was a bug. "I'm going to get you for this."

"Promises, promises."

She gave him her hand and helped him to his feet. "I should fire your impertinent ass."

He yanked her hat low over her eyes. "Keep your face covered. Hold my hand. Run!" He wound his fingers around hers, pulled her against his backside and plowed through the crowd. The damned phone crushed his balls but he bit his lower lip.

The phone blasted out a Lady GaGa song. Wincing, he cursed himself for his impulsive moment.

Ivy poked him in the shoulder. "Your pants are ringing. Do you mind if I answer it?"

He glanced over his shoulder, assured himself they'd lost the Paparrazzi, and pulled her into a dark doorway. He lifted his arms and smiled. "Be my guest. Get your phone."

She stuck her hands down his pants, groped around, and squeezed his cock. She stroked it until he moaned with pleasure. Then she wound her fingers around her phone and pulled it out. She waved it under his nose. "Don't ever do that again."

He leaned in close and stopped a kiss away from her lips. "If it makes you play with my cock, I might do it at least once a day."

A sly look crossed her eyes and passion pooled in them. "Would you like me to play with your cock?"

He ground his hips against hers and brushed his lips to hers. Against her lips he murmured, "Absolutely."

The phone rang again and annoyed with the damned thing, he wished he'd thrown it down the gutter instead. "Is it Justin again?"

Cross-eyed she stared at the phone. Then she shut it off. "Who's Justin? I don't know Justin anymore."

Feeling carefree and lighthearted, he chuckled and pulled her into his arms. "What do you say we hurry back to your apartment?"

She locked her arms around his neck and swayed in his embrace. "What do you say we make your room into a guest room?"

His heart fell. "You're firing me? I thought..."

She put her fingers to his lips. "No. I want you to move into my room. Permanently. What do you say?"

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Brynn Paulin said...

Fantastic story! I'd love to see a whole book revolving around these two!

Unknown said...

Thanks Brynn! I'll have to think about it. My new editor asked me that about last week's Monday Minute Fiction. You're helping me get lots of great ideas.

Is your MMF posted yet? I didn't see it earlier when I checked. I'm coming over now to check again. I love your MMF and it always makes my Mondays. :)

SharonJM said...

Thank you Ashley. You gave us an ending (hint to Brynn here, lol) and you can restructure the story and make it longer.

Simone Anderson said...

Fantastic story Ashley!!! Yup - I'd like to read more.

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