Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Does Your family get jealous of your writing time?

Does your family get jealous of your writing time?

One of my (young adult) children begrudges my writing and promotion time A LOT! She feels I ignore her (them) and she'd rather I not blog or do any promotion except pay someone else to do all my promotion. Unfortunately, I don't have the means (not yet anyway) to hire a publicist or assistant to do all my promotion and advertising. Honestly, it would be nice to have all my time as writing time.

Of course I spend time with my family. I think I hang out with them a lot. Tonight we went out to dinner, then we spent a couple hours browsing at Barnes & Nobles, then we went shopping at Target. Earlier today, I went to the college with her, then shopping. I've done no writing, except this blog post, today.

My youngest child is 19 so I don't have small children at home anymore. That would be different. I have adult children living at home. Believe me, I love it that my children want to spend quality time with me. I love them. Yet, this anger is frustrating!

Am I the only one who gets flack from family for writing?


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