Sunday, May 04, 2014

Happy Star Wars Day!

If you didn't know I was a geek before, now you will.


I'm from the blessed generation that got to see the first Star Wars with Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo in theaters as a teenager. I was 17 when the first movie in the series released.

What a phenomenon it was! My boyfriend at the time saw Star Wars SEVENTEEN times on the big screen. It stayed in the theaters for many many months. It felt like at least a year's run. This is back when theaters were much smaller and most featured four screens, not sixteen. So this was a BIG deal.

Then when Empire Strikes Back came out, I was newly married and expecting our first child. My husband decided that if we had a boy we would name him "Luke". Guess what, we named him Luke and he was blond and looked a lot like Luke Skywalker.

I have to admit, I like episodes 4, 5, and 6 MUCH BETTER than 1, 2, and 3. I should probably have my geek status stripped from me for this, but I'll admit it anyway - I fell asleep during episode 1 in the theater. Guess I'm an old fart. I like the first three episodes the most by far.

Star Wars was a big part of my formative years, I supposed much like Harry Potter affected my now 23 year old.

What about you? Do you love Star Wars? Do you have favorite episodes? Characters?

My favorite character is Hans Solo.


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