Saturday, May 03, 2014

Sooo Dumb!

I don't believe I did it!

I haven't done something so stupid in years. I'm the obsessive saver. I hit "Control + S" to save just about every sentence. My fingers are trained.

But I didn't do it today. At least I didn't do the first, most important part of the process. I didn't save my newest edit to a new file name/directory after opening it from AOL.

Then my daughter rushed in while I was in the midst of doing my edit, cajoled me to take her to 7-11 right away, and stupid me, I pushed save, but that was it, before closing the computer.

When I got back and tried to find the file, it was MIA.

I'm so mad at myself. Ugh!

Okay, I'll take back control and start over. What else can I do? I just have to make sure this never happens again.

Oh, I did something else stupid last night. I got paid from my day job and I've been anxious to transfer money to savings for upcoming dentist and insurance bills... Anyway, I forgot that the paycheck is pending for at least several hours, maybe a day. Luckily I have enough free money to cover normal expenses for today and tomorrow, but I wanted to pay rent today. Now I have to wait until it's not pending anymore.

It's not that serious as there won't be a late fee until after the fifth of the month and if need be I can transfer the money back to checking. It should have cleared long before then, however. But I'm doing stupid things in my rush - it doesn't help that I've been fuzzy-headed and running a fever most of the week.

Has anybody else out there ever done something like this?

Happy Saturday!

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