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Celebrating My Favorite Season: Fall - Fall Into Love Blog Hop

Welcome to the first day of our Fall Blog Hop to celebrate my favorite season Autumn, or the falling of the leaves.

I'm a Cincinnati girl, born and raised, but I'm also a transplanted Floridian. Because I was in the Air Force for a number of years, I also lived in Southern Mississippi and Omaha, Nebraska for awhile.

Living in South Florida, Fall is pretty much non-existent. We have two seasons: rainy season and dry season. Have you heard of Endless Summer? I feel like I've lived with endless summer since I moved here almost a quarter of a century ago. I only get to see true Autumn in pictures, or experience it when I eat or drink the endless supply of pumpkin everything so prevalent this time of year. Of course, it lives in my memories.

This year, I'm extra blessed. I'm going to visit my father, aunt, uncle, and cousins in Cincinnati the end of October. Yay! Not only do I get to see them but I get to be in the middle of a real Fall. I can't wait.

My just releasing story, however, is set in Biloxi, Mississippi which is a lot like South Florida--endless summer. I lived in Biloxi for a few years too, and although it's absolutely gorgeous, it's definitely located deep in the sub tropics - translate that to no snow and no changing or falling leaves like up north.

'Her Men' revolves around Biloxi, the beach, the sun, and revisiting young love, just like I'll be revisiting Fall this October. The heroine Julie is falling in love all over again with the two loves of her life, Timmy and James in the midst of this beautiful place. Just the opposite of me, she's taking a vacation to travel from Indiana to Mississippi so she can have some fun in the sun, to escape the cool weather. In this excerpt, she's actually about to get sunburnt because she's fallen asleep under the afternoon sun.



Title: Her Men

Series Name: N/A

Publisher: Totally Bound

Genre: Contemporary Erotic male-female-male romance

Book Length: 22,000 words




Forty-four year old Julie Weston has loved Timmy and James since her college days twenty something years ago. She's fantasized about both all these long years, never able to choose between them.


Hoping Tim and James will attend, she attends their college marching band reunion. When both men show up her dreams are answered. They're sexier than she imagined and she hopes they won't be disappointed by her older self.


It turns out both men came just to see her again and neither is happy about the other’s presence. They fight over her, confusing her more than ever. It takes a hot ménage…or two…for her heart to decide which one she’s in love with.


A silhouette fell across her, waking her up from her nap and a husky voice washing over her. “You’re going to be sorry falling asleep out here. This sun is brutal.”

Groggy, she shaded her eyes and looked up at the shadowy figure in awe. “Timmy, is that you? You’re early.”

He leaned down, his body still sinewy and strong, and held out his hand to her. Nary a wrinkle marred his matured face. Only a few laugh lines fanned out from his eyes which added to his attractiveness. “You too. Is that a sign?”

She couldn’t help but chuckle. Since when did Tim believe in signs? “A sign?”

“That you want to see me, be with me in private, as I want to see you and be with you in private.”

She swallowed hard and put her hand in his, her heart somersaulting when they touched for the first time in more than twenty years. A maelstrom of emotion washed over her and she didn’t want to mess up what was probably her last chance to be with him, so she wasn’t about to play coy.

Slowly, seductively, she licked her lips. “You read my mind.”

As he helped her up, his gaze smoldered into hers. He dragged her alongside him and his hard cock swelled into her side. He nipped her ear then whispered huskily, “Your nipples are puckering through your suit. I’d call that a sign.”


Ashley Ladd bio.jpg

Ashley Ladd is a disabled Air Force vet that is hard of hearing but still loves language, especially the written word. She loves a sexy man, especially one with a military background and they’ll often pop up in her stories. She also loves cats and has been known to empower a cat with the gift of speech. Unfortunately he wouldn’t shut up. J She loves to plug into Pandora and sip Diet Coke while writing, usually with a cat or kid at her side.

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I will be giving away a pdf or epub copy (your choice) of 'Her Men' to one lucky commenter during the next 3 days of this blog hop. Let me know what your favorite season is and why. Make sure I have a way to contact you if you're the winner.

Also be sure to visit my fellow Fall into Love blog hop participants and to enter our grand prize contest.

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laurie said...

thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

kmcgrew213 said...

my favorite season is Fall - i love the cool weather and fall festivals !


JeanMP said...

It is a toss up between spring and fall for me. I like spring because everything is green and growing and fall because it is cooler and I enjoy the fall colores.
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Unknown said...

Like you I live in Florida so my favorite time of year is our so called Winter. Last year we had three days of cold weather.

Anonymous said...

Very intriguing story premise!

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bn100 said...

Fall for picking pumpkins

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