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Blog Tour: Body Language by Em Petrova

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TITLE – Body Language SERIES – The Boot Knockers Ranch #2 AUTHOR – Em Petrova GENRE – Contemporary western erotic romance PUBLICATION DATE – sept 9, 2014 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 44,000 words PUBLISHER – Samhain Publishing

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There are no words for desire this hot…but he’ll sure try to find them. The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 2
If there’s one thing that Damian Vince can do well, it’s read women. With his trademark wink and sexy drawl, he’s the most wanted cowboy on the Boot Knockers Ranch, a spa where sexually challenged women come to get charmed out of their uptight panties.
He’s also the ranch’s bad boy—he hates to admit he’s had his mug-shot taken more than once. But now he’s on the right path, ranching and fulfilling women’s desires.
Prim grade-school teacher Ruthie Johansson prays Damian will be able to fix her strict upbringing that’s left her leery of men and intercourse, though her body aches for both. Once she sets eyes on the muscular, auburn-haired Damian, she throbs only for him.
As they get skin to skin, her instinct touches something Damian’s been struggling to hide from his fellow Boot Knockers. A secret he’s spent a lifetime keeping buried beneath bar brawls and a bad attitude. But with Ruthie’s gentle coaxing, he just might give overcoming it another try—as long as they do their homework in bed.
Warning: Contains a bad boy with a vulnerable underside, a squeaky clean woman who wants to get dirty, and a secret shame only love and compassion can heal. Prepare to drool while he parses her sentences…one sexy verb at a time.


BOOK 1 – Pushin’ Buttons


Ruthie clasped her hands and fought to keep from wringing them. The backstage area was alive with chatter. Excited giggles echoed around her as she waited for the cowboys.
She looked at the other women. They were as diverse as the cowboys on the brochure. Women with every shade of hair and body type huddled together, some talking quietly about what to expect.
With a knot of nausea in her throat, Ruthie didn’t feel like speaking. Besides, when she stepped onto the stage, she would be alone. No one could save her from what she’d chosen to do.
Isabel, the stage manager, buzzed between girls, dashing notes on her clipboard. “You’re up third, Ruthie.”
Nodding, she battled the urge to bolt for the door. Boarding the jet to Texas had given her the illusion she was going on a nice vacation. But once she’d arrived at the ranch and been taken into a private screening room to choose from a selection of cowboys, her real purpose hit hard.
She’d come to find the most sexual pleasure she’d ever known, which would be easy considering she hadn’t found it with her former lovers.
Images of the five cowboys she’d selected revolved through her mind. They were in the audience right now. In a few minutes she’d step onto the stage and they’d fight over who would win her.
She dragged in a wavering gasp just as Isabel announced the first contestant was to take the stage.
Holding her breath with the rest of the women, Ruthie watched from the sidelines as a tall girl with a pretty face and dishwater-blonde hair stood before the cowboys.
Ruthie’s mind clouded, and she stared at her simple, flat leather sandals. How had she gotten here? From the third-grade classroom to a sex club. Her face burned.
By the time she lifted her gaze again, the first woman was coming offstage.
With a cowboy.
Ruthie felt her jaw drop as she came face-to-face with the dashing, muscled man in worn denim, boots and hat. His shirt was blue plaid, sleeves rolled to his elbows, displaying a tattoo of a rodeo belt buckle on his forearm.
“Take good care of her, Elliot,” Isabel said with a grin.
He tipped his hat at Isabel and hooked the woman’s arm more securely over his. He led her through the throng of women and out the side door.
Oh my God. Oh my God.
Ruthie gasped for breath when contestant number two took the stage. She wore ill-fitting clothes that disguised her body. When she took her place in the spotlight, she smiled, and her whole appearance transformed.
“I wish we could hear what they’re saying,” someone beside Ruthie whispered.
Me too. What should she expect? More Q&A? How would she ever keep her knees from knocking when faced with all that testosterone?
“Get ready, Ruthie. It’s almost your turn.”
The knot in her belly pulled tight, and she was pretty sure she knew what expression she wore. In the classroom, it was one she’d come to recognize early—right before the cleanup.
Contestant number two came off stage, grinning like Miss America and guided by a tanned hunk with his hand on the small of her back.
Ruthie shivered, more aware of herself than ever before. Within minutes she’d be that girl, and she’d have some cowboy’s hand on her.
All OVER me with any luck.
“Ruthie, you’re on!”
Sucking in a deep breath, she stepped onto the stage. Her sandals were almost noiseless on the polished floor. As soon as she stepped into the spotlight, she broke out in a sweat. Her watermelon-colored cotton sundress clung to her damp skin, and she squeezed her fingers together until her knuckles popped.
Her heart throbbed heavily in her ears. Through the glare of lights, she could just make out the line of cowboys. They sat in plush leather chairs with red buttons before them.
Oh my God, I’ve landed on a game show. And I’m the prize.

Interview with Em Petrova

When did you first know you were a writer? Please tell us about it.

When I was 12 I started writing a YA series featuring twin boys. My friends started passing my notebooks around, and begging for the next installments!


How do you conduct research for your books?

A writer has a very tough job. She must look at a lot of men in sexy poses wearing as little clothing as possible. Exhausting! *wink*


Good old Google searches see me through most of my research projects. Also, I have subscriptions to cowboy magazines. J


Have you ever traveled to conduct research for your books? If so, please tell us about it.

With 4 kids, I don’t do a lot of traveling, unless you count trips to the grocery store! I need to get to Texas though—all my friends are there!


What do your friends, family, and day job employers think about your books? Do they support you? Or do you hide any pseudonyms from them?


My immediate family is supportive—inlaws don’t mention it. My day job IS writing. I’m the luckiest lady in the world!


What is the fastest you’ve ever written a book? What is the average length of time it takes you to write a book?

A short story I popped out in a day was contracted for publication three days later. Most novellas take up to 3 weeks and novels about 6.


When do you know a story is working for you?

When I can’t wait to get my fingers on the keyboard. Or scenes pop into my head and I scribble bits of it on any scrap of paper I can find.


Please tell us what inspired the book you’re spotlighting today. Is there a story behind the story?

Damian is a rugged cowboy with a secret. He shares something in common with my youngest son. You’ll have to read the book to connect those hints.


For fun:

What is your favorite go to meal?

Eggs and toast--YUM


Who is your favorite movie boyfriend?

Can it be TV instead? If so, Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels


If you were reincarnated as an animal, which one would it be? (real or mythological) Why?

Oooh. Maybe something majestic like a stag in New Zealand.


What is your favorite place on earth? Why?

Disneyworld of course! Where else does a whole city wear mouse ears and look totally normal? Besides, my family has never had more fun than in Disney.


Who is your favorite person?

You! Thank you for having me on your blog today! XO


If you could hang out with anyone alive, dead, or fictional for a day, who would it be? Why?

My baby girl who left me too soon.


If you could live in another time period, what would it be? Why?

Old West. Hands down!


What is your favorite way to relax?




 Firemen or policemen? FIREMAN. Oh wait—policeman. No, definitely fireman. Well, maybe not…

Cowboys or aliens? COWBOYS!

Alpha males or beta males? I love a little of each. A man who takes charge yet can take a softer role and help his woman with the house and babies is perfect.

Blue jeans or dresses? Jeans and skirts when it’s hot.

Sandals or high heels? Always heels! My high heels have heels. I’m just under 5’ tall, and I won’t be seen fl

Roses or daisies? Daisies please.

Vegetarian or meat eater? Meat eater. I have hunters in my family, and we eat a lot of wild game.

Land or water? Water. Love me a cruise.

Moonlight or sunlight? Moonlight.

Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors, preferably with my family.


Your Top Ten Favorite Cities/Towns (and why)

  1. Pittsburgh, PA – because getting lost in a city with too many bridges and tunnels is so fun
  2. Kansas City, MO – great shopping and Christmas decorations
  3. Oklahoma City –hellllo! Horse show and cowboys!
  4. Wichita, KS – lots of energy in that city
  5. Nashville, TN – home to country music and all things country
  6. Disneyworld—Yes, it’s a city. It’s huge and packed with people. Where else can you wear mouse ears and call it fashion?
  7. Branson, MO – rodeo! And big country stars.
  8. NYC – to see the Rockettes at Christmas
  9. Salt Lake City, UT—beautiful mountains, hiking, biking, and a medium-sized city with a small-town feel
  10. Chattanooga, TN – history, nightlife, outdoor family activities, and smoking-hot Southern men!



Mine – Christina Perri Begin Again – Colbie Caillat Stubborn Love – The Lumineers Unsaid – The Fray


Em Petrova lives in Backwoods, Pennsylvania, where she raises 4 kids and a Labradoodle named Daisy Hasselhoff. Her heroes are hardworking heroes--in bed and out--and she is known for panty-scorching erotic romance.




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