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Guest Blog post:
Arranged Marriages
by Em Taylor

When Lady Sarah and Nate, the Duke of Kirkbourne marry in A Desperate Wager it may not be an arranged marriage in the strictest meaning of the word but it is definitely brought about by the bride’s father.

Aware that his health is failing and that someone will have to look after his crippled daughter, the Earl of Brackingham does some research and picks the duke, whom he sees as an honourable man, to trick into marrying his daughter. Nate and Sarah’s fate is sealed.

This got me wondering who the people in my life would pick out for me to marry if I gave them the chance. My mother’s choice would be a nightmare. She always approved of my worst boyfriends and continued to invite one of them for dinner every week two years after we had split up. My sister never really approved of my boyfriends and the fact I am still single probably proved her right. As for my Dad, I’m pretty sure he’d have picked a chemistry teacher for me to marry. He never quite understood why all his children were appallingly bad at chemistry when he, himself, was a chemist. So yes, I suspect I would have ended up married to the nutty professor.

But are family the best people to choose? What about our friends? When I broke off a three year relationship everyone, and I mean everyone, turned around and said “Well I never liked him anyway.” I remember thinking “Why did no one say?” But of course, you don’t tell your friends that their partner or spouse is an idiot and totally not worth their time or effort. But if we could choose our friend’s partners we would probably do quite a good job of it. We know their likes and dislikes, their irritating foibles and their adorable bad habits, their interests, what sets them off in a bad mood and just how far you can take a joke with them.

In some ways that’s one of the joys of writing. Every romance novel is an arranged marriage even when you are planning their original meeting to be serendipitous. We choose the best man for our heroine, just as the Earl of Brackingham did for his daughter. Just as my dad would have done for me had he been given the chance. Even in fiction, it is a rare gift to put two people together and see love blossom.  

Your top 10 favorite events in history

  1. The first moon landing (I’m a geek at heart)
  2. The Scottish Industrial Revolution
  3. Women being given the vote (1919 in the UK)
  4. The abolition of slavery
  5. Invention of the steam engine
  6. The Act of Union (the agreement that made Scotland and England into the UK)
  7. The end of World War I
  8. The tearing down of the Berlin Wall
  9. The discovery of the vaccine against polio
  10. Sir Edmund Hillary climbing Everest
TITLE – A Desperate Wager AUTHOR – Em Taylor GENRE – Historical Regency Romance PUBLICATION DATE – 25 August 2014 LENGTH – 71,000 words COVER ARTIST – Samantha Holt

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Nathaniel Spencer, the Fourteenth Duke of Kirkbourne wakes up with an almighty hangover and a wager note in his pocket stating he has agreed to marry the Earl of Brackingham’s daughter. And he can’t even remember ever meeting the chit. Clearly his drinking has got out of hand.
Lady Sarah Steele is horrified when her father announces that the Duke of Kirkbourne has agreed to marry her and even more horrified that her father wagered her hand in a game of cards. Not only that, but the earl has not told the duke of the riding accident that left Sarah paralysed when she was sixteen. But he’s dying and she knows he wants to see her settled before the inevitable happens.
Despite Nate’s drinking and Sarah’s possible complicity in the earl’s plan, they agree to marry. But when accidents start to happen, the newly-weds must deal not only with the fact they are practically strangers, but they must find out who is trying to kill one or both of them. Nate’s drink problem and Sarah’s disability are only a couple of the hurdles they must face to find lasting love.


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Nathaniel Spencer, fourteenth Duke of Kirkbourne groaned and rolled over in bed. A tattoo beat a steady rhythm inside his skull, his stomach was bilious and the world spun at an alarming rate. Last night he had been in his cups—again. He knew he should take a more moderate attitude to alcohol but recently, staying sober had seemed somewhat pointless. Why stay sober if you were just going to end up dead at the side of the road—another silly young buck who had killed himself in a curricle race? Damn Crosby! Why had he made the damned challenge? Nathaniel, or Nate as he preferred to be called, would never forget Crosby’s lifeless eyes staring up at him, or the crack of the pistol as a bystander put his horses out of their misery. And he would never forgive himself for being the man whom Crosby was racing. Nate closed his eyes and willed his stomach to stop churning as he tried to recall the events of the night before. He had been at White’s for dinner and had moved to the card room. The brandy had been flowing, and Ormsby had suggested moving on to a less reputable gaming hell. He remembered the Earl of Brackingham tagging along for some reason that defied Nate. He had no issue with Brackingham, but the earl was at least twenty years the senior of everyone else in their party. He had been coughing somewhat alarmingly, Nate recalled. He hoped the old man was not spreading disease around. The last thing Nate needed was to be laid up in bed—his mother fussing around him and pouring vile-tasting concoctions down his throat. There was another thing that took many young, seemingly healthy lives—fever. Curricles and fever—good reasons to get absolutely foxed if ever he needed any. Brackingham! The name seemed to be prodding his tired and very painful brain—waiting for him to remember something significant from last night. He had a vague memory of playing vingt et un with him. There had been a ludicrous bet. Brackingham wagered his daughter’s hand and if Nate lost, he would have to marry the girl. Nate had been on a winning streak. Bravado and alcohol made him foolish. He had a three and a queen. He sat up as the king of diamonds flashed before his eyes. God, damn it. The king of diamonds took him to twenty-three. His head swum and he tamped down the urge to cast up his accounts. Twenty-three. But surely a wager like that was a joke. It had to be. Brackingham did not expect him to marry his chit of a daughter, did he? Had he even set eyes on the girl before? Again, some piece of information about the girl needled his brain. He had no recollection of dancing with her at balls. But then he hardly ever danced at balls. He had no plans to seek a leg-shackle on the marriage mart, so he steered clear and spent most of the evening in the card room. God, he hoped she was at least old enough to have had her come out and this was not some medieval plan to marry a thirteen-year-old off to him. Eighteen was quite young enough—too young in his rather jaded opinion. But no. He had no recollection of ever having set eyes on Lady… Lady what? He had no idea. He fished in the pocket of his waistcoat, which he still wore, having obviously been so foxed when he had returned that he had either shooed his valet away or he had arrived so late the valet had been asleep. There was a note. A wager. He hoped he owed the man a vast fortune instead. Marry Lady Sarah Steele. Dowry - £10,000. Meet Brackingham on 5th day of March to make arrangements. Today must be the fifth of March. Yesterday had definitely been the fourth. Christ, he had to see if this was a big joke or, if not, was there any way he could inveigle his way out of it. He had no plans to marry. None at all. And that was that.
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Em was born and brought up in the Central Belt of Scotland and still lives there. She was told as a child she had an over active imagination--as if that is a bad thing. She's traded her dreams of owning her own island, just like George in the Famous Five to hoping to meet her own Mr Darcy one day. But her imagination remains the same.




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