Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Birthdays are awesome, aren't they? I'll be 48 next week. I love having a birthday the same week as Thanksgiving. Everything is so festive. My newest coworker at the day job has a birthday two days before mine. Thus we'll be celebrating our birthday together. Our department celebrates everybody's birthdays. Because my birthday and Connie's are so close, there will be one party for the two of us. Thus we had to agree on the food, the cake, etc. We chose Chinese. My mouth is watering already. I will so enjoy this as I coordinated the last two departmental birthdays. It will be so much fun to sit back and relax through this one. The party will be Friday as we usually get to leave work early the day before Thanksgiving (which is my birthday) (didn't I mention in another post that I have THE BEST EMPLOYER in the world?) after we receive our Thanksgiving hams and turkeys from our employer. We tend to celebrate all day; a special birthday breakfast followed by a special birthday lunch, and then cake and ice cream at break. We used to have rootbeer floats for everybody's birthdays instead of regular ice cream. Yum. I forgot about that or I would have mentioned it. Next year. :) There's one lady in my department who doesn't celebrate her birthday for personal reasons. But we still want to celebrate her as she's such a fantastic person, and of course, one of us. She was born in another country and she came to America on December 1st, so she will let us celebrate this special day instead. I'm going to start arranging her special appreciation day as soon as my birthday passes.

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