Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meeting New People

I was just engaging in one of my favorite past times - blog hopping - and I landed on a blog with a Clustr World Map like I have. It was almost totally covered except for parts of Africa. What amazes me is that we meet people online from all over the world, become online friends, whether it's through a blog like this or a loop or chat, and sometimes, we become fast friends. I've honestly made really good friends online that I've visited in person and spend time with face to face. I also live in a big metropolis where there's probably a million people. I won't meet most of them in my life. Many of them I'll pass once, maybe twice, and never pass by again. Some I'll see around but never learn their names or anything about them. Then there are a few that I'll actually get to know. We live in an amazing world. I'm meeting people in Michigan, Indiana, Australia, Britain, Asia, and all over through this blog and my loops while I may never meet the people who live at the end of my road. How strange is this? I guess it's fate directing who we meet and who we have near misses meeting. This week I'm feeling philosophical, it seems. I'm also feeling guilty eating my Easter Bunnies. I mean how cruel is it to bite off somebody's ears? or their head (literally?) This year, I just can't do it. I'm not gonna do it. I can't hurt the Easter Bunnies.


S-V-H said...

I don't know if my words are so much "words of wisdom" here, but I just want to say: Ashley, I admire you and all the work you did to write so many books. I wish I could write - successful of course, like's still a dream for me.

I like your blog, I will read it from now on with RSS feed. Very nice to meet you. :-)

Unknown said...

Nice to meet you Susanne. I'm glad you like my blog. I'm not sure how to work the RSS feeds. I'm still learning.

Unknown said...

I dare you - eat the bunny

Ebony McKenna. said...

Hi Ashley,
thanks for dropping by my blog.
Eat the bunny! If you can't bear to bite its head off, melt it first ... Raiders of the Lost Ark style. :-)

Molly Daniels said...

Send it to me:) I feel no guilt!

Hubby's came out of the package with the head already detached. Sugar-free bunny 'suicide'? Hahahaha...

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