Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thirteener Thursday

Yikes! I forgot to post my Thirteen on Thursday last evening so it'd be up for today. I even made up several lists of thirteen in advance so I'd be ready and I still forgot. So here's my Thirteen list for today. It's things I most regret doing or not doing throughout my life. 1) Spending more time with my mom and moving out to California to be near her. She died of cancer 20 years ago and I miss her dearly. 2) Not following through with one certain boyfriend, thinking he'd beat down my defenses to win me back. He didn't. I was a 19 year old fool who'd read too many Harlequin romances. 3) Dating another certain boyfriend despite warnings from my father and several other people. It caused a rift between my dad and I that's never totally healed. Who cares about the ex boyfriend. It's my relationship with my dad that makes me so sad about it. I wish I'd not been so stubborn, that I'd listened to Dad or at least we'd resolved things better. We didn't talk for two years and then nicely for several more years, long after the boyfriend was history. 4) Not taking the major I wanted to in college and not following MY dream. I wanted to be a journalist but I let myself be talked out of it and earned my BSBA in Accounting. I've never done accounting as I hate it. I still want to be a journalist. I am a writer, however, so I'm pursuing part of my dream now. 5) Getting married too young. I married at age twenty. At the time I thought it was plenty old enough. Now 20 year olds look like babies to me. I wish I'd gone to college while I was still single, lived in a sorrority or at least a dorm, and dated a lot of guys and had a lot more fun. I don't regret my children, however. 6) Turning down the job with AAFEES in Dallas. 7) Worrying about what other people think or do. 8) Signing up for karate. I liked the karate itself, but man was it ever expensive! I paid off the contract and got out. Now I wish I hadn't paid for services never rendered. I found out after the fact that legally, I wouldn't have had to pay for those. I mean I paid many thousands of dollars and then my kids didn't like it and fought going. We're not rich and can't afford that kind of money. 9) Separating from the Air Force. I wish now I'd stayed in longer. 10) Joining Mary Kay 11) Letting myself regain weight I'd lost. Getting off track with my diet and lifestyle changes. 12) Not getting home to visit more. Moving away in the first place. I'm homesick. 13) Not traveling more. I want to see more of the world. What do you regret doing or not doing? Want to share?


Bernita said...

I married at 20 too.
Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Molly Daniels said...

One of my biggest regrets was that I stupidly dated someone strictly so I could say I had a boyfriend. If I'd come to my senses about 5 months earlier, my future would have been very different! On the down side, I wouldn't have probably stayed in touch with the man whom I later married.

Another one was I was trying to 'act responsible' in college, and had I actually travelled to see my AF officer, my eyes would have opened that much sooner! But then again, maybe I wouldn't have started everything happens for a reason!

Unknown said...

I regret nothing. The things that happened were meant to happen and there was never going to be anything I could do to stop them

Anonymous said...

Oh there's so many things I wish I never did. But then again, I wouldn't have learned from those mistakes either. Great list!

Jan said...

Oh dear one, I have several BIG one that I'm still with 10 years later! *sigh* I regret not staying in the banking industry as I would be making more $$ right now and wouldn't have to deal with the aforementioned regret! : ) Lots more but those are the two biggies!


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