Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fairies and Sex

Oy! I have a headache that just won't quit. Yes, I downed a couple Tylenol but it's not making a dent. DS#2 says I have to get out of bed and move around to get rid of it. In a bit, after I finish blogging and My Spacing.

Guess I need some of this fairy dust. But with the cost of gas, I don't know if I can afford this, too.

Meet my critique partners. At least this one isn't lying on my chest between me and the computer.

I think this is pretty. No real point. I just found it while I was bloghopping.

I like this. I like to think of myself as a strong woman. I think I am. Most of the time at any rate.

I have to be to be married 28 years and also to have raised 5 rambunctious kids. Right?

That reminds me. DS#2 went to the mall yesterday with a group of her friends, and she was just regailing me with tales of how they went around the mall looking for stores with escalators (what a fun activity for a Saturday). They also went store to store laying on the beds just to see if anybody would yell at them. Obviously, these were the Mensa kids. They were disappointed when nobody yelled at them and a bit surprised when an older man suggested yet another store with a better bed to lay on. What really got to my daughter though, was their sojourn into Spencer's where they ran into an old man (she said around grandpa's age which is about 79) looking at a book about sexual positions. They ran out of Spencer's going "ewww".

Older people don't have sex? Or rather, the younger generation thinks older people shouldn't???

Here's a thought to leave you with for today. DS#2 wants to go back to the mall, with me this time. Only she wants to go to the Flea Market mall where they have bargains. She didn't spend all her money yesterday so it's burning a hole in her pocket.

Another pretty pic. I hope the animation comes on after I publish this.

Have a happy Sunday.


Unknown said...

Shoot, the animation didn't come through. It was so pretty.

Phoenix said...

I used to love going to Spencers and always felt like I got away with something just by being let in the store. Though, I was kinda innocent and usually left in a hurry with a huge blush.

The pics are great. Especially the fairy dust. I soooo understand that one! heh

Brynn Paulin said...

I like the Tink picture. She's my fav :-)

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