Friday, July 18, 2008

Hair Spray

I'm watching Hairspray with DS3. He was so sweet and recorded it for me. I rented it once and DH wouldn't let me watch it - he thinks he controls the TV. Obviously DH is out right now. I've never seen the movie before, not the old version either. I was dying to see it at the theater and wished I had. Anyway, it's on now, finally. I'm really enjoying it. I'm a musical lover but I also think it's neat because it's set in 1963 and I really enjoy nostalgia. I love to listen to the dialogue (I hope it's authentic), and I love to see the old things. Should I say "old"? I remember 1963; vaguely anyway. I was pretty little in '63. But I remember the '60's in general well enough. It doesn't feel or look old to me. But I know it does to my kids. When I think in terms that it was 25 years ago, I go "Whoa!" James Marsden is so cute in this. Whew! Hot! In a 1960's kind of way. His character's hip, too. Likewise, Michele Pfeiffer's being a real bitch. LOL The girl that plays Tracy is also adorable. What a personality. John Travolta's a real hoot as Tracy's mom. Of course, I'm probably the last one to realize all this. The movie's only been out forever, even this remake. On another slightly different topic, DS3 is watching with me. He's one of those people who can't keep his mouth shut during a movie. He's got to make constant comments and go off at tangents about anything and everything and disrupt the movie. Do you know people like that? Don't you just want to stuff food in their mouth to shut them up? (Of course, I don't, but it is frustrating.) But I'm trying to be patient as my son wants to talk.


Sandra Cox said...

LOL. Yes, its pretty hard to watch a movie while someone is talking through it. That happens occasionally at my house too.
Have an excellent weekend, Ash.

Molly Daniels said...

Two words: Pause Button.

If I'm watching a movie and someone dares to talk and distract me, I pause and rewind until they get the message to SHUT UP!

I also can't stand it when I'm driving; a favorite song comes on; my passenger decides NOW is the time to spill info or ask questions that could wait until AFTER the song is over!

Usually it only takes two hits of the pause button before my hubby gets the hint and leaves me alone.

Phoenix said...

My kids are like that too. It must be a trait of their generations. It's like that in theaters now too. All the kids WONT SHUT UP when you pay 20 bucks to see a flick in the theatre..

barbara huffert said...

I saw Hair Spray on Broadway with Harvey Fierstein as Tracy's mom. Talk about a hoot!

You love musicals too? I wonder where half way between us is and what live theater is nearby.

Unknown said...

I have my hand up - I like to make constant comments when watching a film and as you I have not been threatened with food stuffing

Unknown said...

Yes Barbara! We'll have to find a halfway point and go see musicals together.

I kidnapped DD#2 last night and we went to see Mama Mia. I hadn't realized it would be a musical, but it was awesome. It was absolutely hilarous, I mean laugh out loud funny through most of the show. At one point, I laughed so hard I went into a coughing fit. The whole theater got up and clapped when it was over. I have hardly ever seen that happen.

Of course, DD#2 is 17 and she kept wanting to comment, too, through the show and I kept giving her the shush sign as I couldn't hit the pause button there.

Unknown said...

Molly - DS#3 doesn't seem to take the hint when I pause the show. He'll just keep talking.

Sometimes, I like to comment on movies, too, but after we've seen them a few times - not the very first time.

Amarinda, have you seen the show where 3 aliens watch B-rated movies and make funny comments? DS#1 loves that. It's quite a hoot. Actually, they'd be pretty boring shows usually if not for the funny comments.

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