Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Please don't scare me

I don't have my Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Acrobat available at the moment or I'd lable this pic "Please don't scare me." Cute little guy, isn't he? This was taken after an earthquake in China.

He reminds me of my younger daughter, newly graduated from high school, 18 years-old, but not yet ready to be an adult.
She's excited and happy to be out of school, and yet, she's not. She's scared of the big world and possible earthquakes.
Above are both my daughters, 25 and 18, M and S. The 25 year-old isn't quite sure what she wants to be yet when she grows up, either.
Heck, sometimes I feel that way.
I always wanted to be a writer. Along the way I was also an accountant, cost-pricing analyst, soldier ("Airman" since I was in the Air Force), waitress, hostess, cashier, and finally a customer service rep and manager. I took Accounting in college so I never dreamed my path would wind up in customer service but it's right for me. And writing.
Sometimes I still have doubts if I've chosen the right paths, if working two jobs, meeting book deadlines, and promoting my books is what I still want to do. Stress is wearing on me. I know it is when I feel like I'm the panda pictured above, backing away and a little scared.
Last night I thought about stopping, but I couldn't find anything else I'd rather do to fill my time. I like to learn new things. I thrive on multi-tasking and creating new things. I have characters running around in my head that would drive me crazy if I didn't let them out.
It's time for a vacation and a change of scenery, but not to give up my dreams and goals.
I wish I could renew myself at Lori Foster's readers and writers get together in Cincinnati this weekend, but I can't get away right now. I don't have the financial wherewithal to even splurge on a movie.
But I need to find ways to relax and fill my well.
How do you renew your spirit?
How do you keep going when you can't get away from work much less travel to distant, exciting places?
A trip to the swimming pool at the gym sounds refreshing, but that will have to wait for another night. I have to take the graduate to softball practice at the park this evening.


Unknown said...

Awww, poor little guy. I feel so bad for him. Yeah, earthquakes can be scary. But our family has lived in CALIF. for generations and haven't lost anyone yet due to quake (knocking on wood here LOL).
Good for you for pursuing your dream! Sounds like you made the right choice.

Unknown said...

Good looking family - and the thing I like about you is you keep trying and never give in

Molly Daniels said...

I just want to scoop him up and hold him:)

My 'batteries' get recharged during my weekly writer's meeting, or if I happen to be able to go hang out with friends, like I did Race Weekend. I'm P.O'd I can't go to Lori's, but I do have three signings this month, one of which means I'll be away from home for two or three days. Hopefully sales will be good; I'll meet a lot of potential readers; and drum up sales for you all at the same time! If Wi-Fi isn't present, then they'll just have to take my word for it.

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