Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Miss This Sure-Fire Money-Making Offer!

"Currently our unknown erotic writers are earning between USD$250 and USD$600 a month..."

I opened my first email today to this statement. So I read on.

Another statement caught my eye, "We charge nothing upfront and share royalties..."

So far, so good. I would love to have another $250 US monthly period and if you multiply my 30+ published books by that, I could earn $7,500. extra monthly! Woo hoo! That would be awesome. I could retire from the day job, write full-time and be financially independent in no time.

That's conservative - according to the email. If I earned $600 per each of my 30 books, I'd earn $18,000 monthly.

Heck! I SHOULD BE doing that now, from my regular royalties. In fact, I want to know why I'm not, what I'm doing wrong.

Anyway, I checked out the site and lo and behold, there could be fees to the author. Whereas you can record your own book in audio and submit it, if you want to hire voice actors, the fee is anywhere from $1,500 to $7,500 per novel. Of course, you will earn that much back in the first two months the book is out - so says the email's sender.

Of course, it's possible this could be right. It's possible it might not be this good, but pretty good.

I'm not saying this is a scam, but a lot of these too-good-to-be-true deals, if not scams, are not guaranteed, either. I'm going to look into this one a little more - if I even have my audio rights intact. I know one of my publishers owns my audio rights to the books I have with them. I'm not sure about the other three. If audio is really the gold mine this email states (think iTunes, Amazon and why would publishers already in business want to miss out on this? So hopefully my publishers already have this handled and soon I'll never have to worry about whether or not I can make my mortgage payments again.

Of course, that's always been my plan.

Sometimes good deals do fall into your lap as easily as getting an email, so don't assume all are frauds. Just be diligent in checking them out. One of my current publishers emailed me and asked me to submit to them. They've been absolutely wonderful and I'm extremely happy they found me and I trusted them. Of course, this same publisher never asked me to invest one penny. It's been a true, up-front and above-board working relationship.

On the whole, however, I'm skeptical. Maybe this is because I've been burnt by too many deals that sounded too-good-to-be-true and weren't. My younger daughter and her best friend still think it's a good deal to pay a few hundred dollars to become an extra in movies. Obviously, they're sure to become movie stars. I shudder to hear them... I try to warn them, but a lot of people have to learn the hard way.

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Unknown said...

Well, it's the old 'if it sounds too good to be true then it is'

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Amarinda on this one, but would be curious what you find out.

Linda Kage said...

I don't think I could trust them either.

Unknown said...

I probably won't even pursue it. I don't like it when people make you pay money up front. It's usually a scam.

Unknown said...

Several authors at one of my publishers received this same offer (which I presumed would happen). Like I thought, we all agree this sounds too good to be true. I posted this article to make people aware of that. I've been burned before and hate to see anyone burned by these things. I'm amazed how on Twitter in particular, 3/4 of nearly every page of tweets I get are about getting rich quick. Wouldn't everybody on Twitter be rich by now if all these really worked?

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