Sunday, March 21, 2010

How Much Time Do You Spend Blogging?

I was in a bloggers conference online today and the question was asked "How much time do you spend blogging?"

Most of the attendees said, "Too much but not enough."

Strangely enough, I know what they mean.

Blogging can take a lot of time, at least to do it right. Yet, life goes on around us so we can't (at least shouldn't) stay on the computer all the time. Yet, we spend a lot of time on the computer, often too much time. At least I do.

Often I skip exercising to blog. Time I used to spend writing books, I blog instead. Every evening before I go to sleep, I have to spend some time blogging and checking email.

Yet, despite that, there's not enough time. I'd like to design a new blog template. I'd like to write more posts. I'd like to add tabs to the blog and plan special feature days. Eventually I hope to do all of the above and more, but it won't be nearly as soon as I'd like.

Sometimes, life gets in the way. This week for example, my aunt died. Also, I worked at least two hours late at my day job four different days this week.

Blogging isn't for sissies.

Do you spend a lot of time blogging?

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Unknown said...

There's so much more I'd like to do with my blog too...I just need more time. :)

Unknown said...

Time is key. I don't have money to pay someone else to adminster my blog, not that I want to, but I don't have nearly the amount of time I want, either.

Sandra Cox said...

Kudos. You do a wonderful job blogging. I shoot for a post once a week on Downtown and its not usually more than that on Sandra's.

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