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Monday Minute Fiction: Holding up the Contract

Welcome to a new feature on my blog: Monday Minute Fiction. From now on, every Monday I will post a new free original short story for your reading pleasure. As I'm an erotic romance writer, at least some if not all will be erotic so be forewarned. I will also post a warning every Monday for those of you who don't like the hot stuff.

Occasionally the story may even be M/M or MMF or MFM. Again, I'll post a warning. Today's is an M/F story as you can see from the luscious picture above. 

WARNING: Explicit sex. Do not continue reading if you're under 18 or if you're offended by sexually explicit scenes.

(This work belongs to Ashley Ladd and cannot be duplicated without permission.)

Story: Holding up the Contract

Shaina Genova's jaw dropped but only half as far as her heart and she gaped at her agent, Anton, aka Benedict Arnold. Her grip tightened so hard on the pen she'd been twiddling that it snapped in two and shards of the plastic flew to the floor. She leaned over the desk and peered into her agent's eyes so he couldn't mistake how pissed she was. "Tell me you didn't just say you obligated me to do another movie with that lying, cheating snake, did you? Surely you wouldn't do that to me, your best client and ex-friend?"

Anton wiggled in his chair and pushed unsteady fingers through his thinnning hair as he scooted away from his desk. He pushed a contract at her. "Paragraph 5a states you are contractually obligated to finish the series as Kristian's also says. Read it."

Shaina didn't consider herself a diva but there was no way she could enact a love scene with her ex-fiance, the man who had jilted her at their very public wedding. She only gave a cursory glance to the hated paper before balling the worthless thing into a paperwad and aiming it at Anton's pointy little head. "So let them sue me. Read my lips-I will not work with Kristian Glass. I will not kiss Kristian Glass. I will die before I do another love scene with Kristian Glass!"

With her final exclamation she jumped to her feet and winged her deadly missile in Anton's trash can instead.

Anton sighed heavily but whether it was in relief or frustration she couldn't tell and she didn't care.

"Shaina, my love, it would be career suicide to break this contract. This series has made you famous. Your fans love Raquel..."

She paced the floor and wrung her hands. Her heart stung with the very fresh pain of her wounds, her humiliation. She whirled on Anton and threw up her hands. "If Beryl threw you aside, if she publicly humiliated you, could you, would you crawl into her arms? In front of millions of people? And if you did, could you kiss her? Make love with her?"

She feared if she crawled into bed with Kristian she'd break his third appendage, not caress it and make love with it like the script called for, and she'd wind up behind bars. Breaking the contract outright would be far safer and popular than the other option.

Anton looked at her with his big puppy dog eyes and clamped his hands together. "You're a wonderful actress, Shakespearian trained. You can do anything you want. If you bow out, it'll look like you're scared to be around Kristian Glass, that he still means something to you. Do you really want him to think that?"

Did she? Damn! As usual Anton was right. She twisted her long hair and knotted it to lift it off her aching neck. With a snarl, she aquiesced. "Okay, I'll do it."

"That's my girl!" Anton rushed at her with his arms wide as if to hug her. But when she bared her teeth and growled, he stopped dead in his tracks.

"I said I'd do it, not that I'll enjoy it."

* * * *

Kristian Glass prayed he'd get a second chance with the love of his life, Shaina. He was sure his ass was black and blue from kicking himself so many times after getting cold feet and wimping out of their wedding. He longed to be with her, to hold her in his arms and kiss her, but after his shipwreck of a first marriage, he'd broken out in a cold sweat when it came time to face the alter again.

He'd thought he could go through with the ceremony, to be married again especially if it was to Shaina. But that morning, it was as if aliens had abducted his soul, and he'd found himself flying to Mexico to hid out in a dinky little town where the press couldn't find him, drowning himself in Tequila.

After he'd sobered up, he'd come back and begged forgiveness but Shaina wouldn't listen. She slammed the phone in his ear, returned his letters unopened, deleted his emails and her guards wouldn't let him near her. What was a guy to do? This sequel was a God send.

When Shaina finally stepped on set, he drank in her beauty and his cock grew thick in his pants, making them uncomfortably tight. He shifted uneasily and mumured, "Down boy. You'll get your chance."
An erotic porn movie, he'd not only get to hold her in his arms and kiss her all over, but make love to her several times. Surely, if she still loved him even a tiny bit that would fan the embers back to life and she'd take him back.

He sucked in a giant breath, squared his shoulders and closed the gap between them. When he was still a few feet from her, her flowery scent made him swoon making him long to strip her and fuck her into submission right there and then. Instead, he stopped a foot short of her and met her steely gaze with as much fortitude as he could. "We need to talk."

She notched up her chin and tilted her head. "There's nothing left to say to one another except for what's written on the script. Excuse me." She pushed past him.

Wanting, no needing to have his say, he followed. "Well, I need to talk to you."

Without turning, she stopped. "The time for talking was before the ceremony. If you didn't want to marry me, you should have told me in time to stop the wedding instead of leaving me at the altar and humiliating me in front of the world."

"That's what I want to talk to you about. Please look at me. I'm not a leper." His heart froze when she didn't move a muscle.

Finally, she pivoted on the ball of her heel and faced him. "You can talk all you want, but why should I believe you? You told me you loved me, then deserted me."

He moved closer and cornered her so she couldn't escape. He had to feel her, to breathe her in. He desperately needed her, in his bed, in his life. "Are you upset just because you were embarrassed? Don't you love me?"

Her eyes narrowed and blazed with fury. Her breasts jutted out and she poked her finger at his chest. "I loved you with all my heart but you stomped on it and threw it away."

He seized on the word and challenged her, "Loved? Past tense? I still love you with all my heart and soul. I'm still hot for you." To punctuate his words he leaned closer and pressed his cock against her and rubbed against her.

She nodded with furious shakes of her head. But the tips of her breasts beaded against him and the hands she brought to his chest didn't push him away but splayed across his heart. "Yes, past tense. You killed everything I felt for you."

Electricity tingled between them and she trembled. Her fingers caressed him. Her hips pushed into his when he ground against her. "Uh huh." He lowered his lips to within a breath of hers. "Then why don't I believe you."

She cursed under her breath, then more coherently, she added, "I don't want to love you. You don't deserve my love. I should hate you."

"No you don't," he said, taking his cues from her body. He pressed his lips to the sensitive spot on her neck and was delighted when she arched it and her robe slipped open to reveal the creamy slope of her breasts.

"But I can't trust you. I obviously don't know you." Yet when he kissed his way down that creamy slope, she arched her breasts at him and moaned low in her throat.

His tongue swept over her breasts and greedily, he pushed her top off her shoulders and helped it to the floor, baring her body. Then he captured her nipple and suckled it. Around it he murmured, "Yes you do. I got scared..."

She pulled back and forced up his head so that he had to look her in the eye. "Scared of me? Scared of marriage to me?"

He'd searched his heart so many times the answer exploded off his tongue. "No! Marriage, the institution scared me. But I would go through fire and ice for you. You're the only one I could ever be married to. The only one I want to be married to. Give me a second chance?"

Her mouth dropped open and he took advantage and plundered it. When the kiss deepened, he moulded her to him. His cock ached to be free so he unsnapped his pants.

She moved his hand out of the way, finished the job and pushed them down his legs.

"This isn't a joke?" Her words came out in ragged bursts.

He ground his cock against her. "Does this feel like a joke?" Then he drank deeply of her lips. When he pulled back, he asked against them, "Or this?"

As if she couldn't speak, she shook her head. But her eyes were wide and bright with unspoken words...and love.

Anxious to be one with her, he shook off the pants and flung them across the room. Then he lifted her against the wall and fit her to him. As she wrapped her legs around him, he drove his cock into her.

She gasped and clung to him as he slammed into her.

"Hey, you two. Save it for the cameras!" Gil, the director, yelled from across the room.

Kristian gave the finger to Gil, then forgot about everything else but the luscious woman in his arms.

He murmured to Shaina, "Marry me."

He held his breath until she nodded. "Today. Right after the shoot. You're not getting away from me this time, mister."

He didn't want to. Ever.

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Well that is certainly the way to heat up a Monday morning! :)

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Well done!!!! I love it!

I think I'm beginning to love Mondays :-)

Debbie said...

I believe you have some serious talent!

Kristian Glass said...

As one of a seemingly small number of people with the name "Kristian Glass", I was amused to see this story appear in Google Alert! :)

It's definitely given friends and colleagues (and probably anyone else googling me) a good chuckle!

Keep up the good work!

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