Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What Do You Want In A Romance Hero & In A Real Life Man?

What type of romance novel hero do you want to read about?

What type of man do you want to marry in real life?

Are they the same?

Not for me.

What I Want In Romance Novel Hero
In romance novels I prefer to read about Alpha males and maybe even a Gamma. The strong, silent type that can sometimes be a bastard or least very take charge.

While reading a romance novel, however, I'm busy getting swept off my feet, falling in love, and maybe getting super hot from making love. I'm lost in the newness of the relationship, in the first stages of romance, and I'm so out of my head and only listening to my heart, that I'm not thinking about what's going to happen after the wedding - except for a lot of hot sex.

What I Want In A Husband
What I want in a husband, however, is NOT a bad boy or the silent type or the CEO who's never home.
I want someone who will talk to me, who will do things with me, who will hang out with the kids, help me around the house, and change a diaper.

I want someone who will laugh with me and make me laugh. I want someone who has time for me and the kids, who will get along well with my family and friends.

I Wonder Why?
I wonder why I like to read about the bad boy and the CEO and the strong, silent type?

Bad boys have a lot of fun and do what they want which is fun to read about. In real life, I'd be stressed out if my husband was getting in trouble with the law, if unsavory people were threatening my family, if I had to wonder where our next meal would come from, if a band of vampires or werewolves were going to kill me.

CEO's would probably provide a big, beautiful house and a lot of financial security. But most CEO's I know work extra long. They're rarely home. When they are home, they're conducting business on the phone a lot. Would I want to be ignored? Not really.

Would I want to live my life in silence with the strong silent type? Do I want someone who only grunts at me or talks in monosyllables? Do I want someone who doesn't share his thoughts and dreams, feelings, and day to day life with me?

What About You?
Do you want to read about the same type of hero that you want to marry or that you wished you'd married?

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Brynn Paulin said...

Maybe it's about stepping into another world... Also, those bad boys frustrate the heroines during the books, but usually shape up by the ends of the books. They end up a lot like the guy you love -- but maybe with a little bit of an edge still ;-)

Nancy J. Parra said...

Oh-great topic and good post.

I think it's human nature to want the fantasy of falling in love with the alpha because if he picks you that makes you an alpha-but in real life a friend/lover/helpmate is far more attractive.

LOOOVE the pic of the guy with baby. Now that is sexy!! ;)

Unknown said...

If what Brynn says comes true, then that would be the best of both worlds. In real life, I don't know too many bad boys or any alphas that changed after marriage.

Gabrielle Paredes said...

Love the post. I tend to run at the mouth on some subjects-the man I want as future husband being one of them so I'm going to try to keep this as short as possible =D. I love reading about the strong silent type, and as future husband I wouldn't mind having the strong silent guy but he'd have to be an open book to me. I want that guy that while silent with anyone else wouldn't be able to STOP talking with me ;D I want the best friend and lover and partner. I come from a traditionally hispanic family so one thing I am absolutely against is the stereotypical wife/husband roles where the man expects to come home and find his meal ready for him even when the wife works! So as long as he's an equal partner in all aspects(bedroom;),emotional,everyday life,kids) of a relationship/marriage I'd be one very happy camper.

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