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Author Interview: Wendi Zwaduk

Today erotic romance author Wendi Zwaduk is with us.

I first met Wendi in Cincinnati at Lori Foster's Readers and Writer's Get Together two years ago. A few months after, Wendi answered my email when I was looking for critique partners and we've worked together since. Wendi's a wonderful person and awesome writer so I've been blessed to know her.

I'm looking forward to seeing Wendi in person again this June at Lori's event. Until then, please help me welcome Wendi. Leave her comments and ask questions.

I've read all her stories and I know you'll love them. Please check them out.

This is Wendi's bio at Total-E-Bound:

I always dreamed of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favourites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line.

I earned a BA in education at Kent State University and currently hold a Masters in Education with Nova Southeastern University.

I love NASCAR, romance, books in general, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, and my menagerie of animals. You can also find me at my blog

Ashley: Why do you write (erotic) romance?

Wendi: There are things I know I’d never do in real life, but the characters in my head are bursting to try them, so why not give in to my inner muses and let everyone free? Plus it’s fun to see what the boundaries are for each character.

Ashley: What romance subgenres do you write in? Why?

Wendi: Contemporary, Historical, and Paranormal. I write contemporary because it comes the most natural. Its happening now. Historical is only the Ancient Greeks because I have a love of the ancients. Paranormal... A certain Ashley Ladd wrote a vampire story and inspired me to write a vampire story. Plus, it was neat to incorporate some personal things into the vampire story so, I think it’s my favorite so far.

Ashley: Are you aware of any themes that run through your stories? If so, what are they?

Wendi:I have military themes that run though my stories. He’s in the military and she’s the one left behind. I’d love to reverse it, but just haven’t yet. Also, I have a tendency to write brunettes. Being one myself, I favor the darker haired heroine.

Ashley: What would you like readers to take away from your stories?

Wendi:A sense that justice can prevail, the girl can get the guy of her dreams... and that love really does exist. Real philosophical, huh?

Ashley: What inspires your stories?

Wendi: Just about anything. The vampire story, My Immortal, came from a personal challenge to myself to write a night creature. Right Where I Need to Be came out of a discussion with a good friend who suggested I should write a story of opposites that really aren’t so opposite. Learning How to Bend came from a challenge from the same friend to write the hottest story I had in me. The follow-up to LHTB, Must Be Doing Something Right, came out of a conversation with a character in LHTB telling me he needed his own story. (It’s really busy in my head.)

Ashley: Will you be attending any book or writing conferences this year? If yes, which ones? Where and when?

Wendi: I’ll be at the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together, June 4-6. I’d love to go to RT or RWA’s shindigs, but I can’t afford it yet.

Ashley: Do you have any book signings or author appearances coming soon? If yes, where and when?

Wendi: I am scheduled for a book signing at my local library, in Ohio, June 7th! The first actual signing, and I’m scared to death!

Ashley: What is your writing schedule?

Wendi: I don’t have one. I go with the “get it in when I can and hope it all makes sense” theory. I have a notebook with me at all times because I forget things, but also because I find that riding in the car, or sitting at a restaurant can be great places for inspiration. Once, I was sitting in the passenger seat at the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store, watching the people, and I got a great ideas for alpha males.

Ashley: Do you have any other passions besides writing? If yes, what are they? Why?

Wendi: Art. I went to school to become an art teacher, but I found I loved art history more—Greek and Roman art. I had this one crusty teacher who taught ancient Greek art, and he was really hard to get along with, but he’d been to Greece and Rome, so he made the places and objects come alive. Plus the sculpture is so beautiful.

Ashley: What is your fondest memory?

Wendi:  Being in the parking lot of the chocolate store in the pouring rain when DH popped the question. I don’t want to go into a ton of detail, but it was very romantic.

Ashley: What is your favorite comfort food?

Wendi: Mt. Dew and Cabury hardshelled chocolate eggs. They are only out at Easter, but I could eat a ton... I haven’t, but I could.

Ashley: What relaxes you?

Wendi: Nothing. I’m not a relaxing type of person. I’m terminally keyed up.

Ashley: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Wendi: Taco Bell food, erotica, Jon Togo, and Gerard Butler. I love me some ménage stories.

Ashley: What decade has been your favorite? Why?

Wendi: Um... I don’t think I really have had a favorite. All the ones I’ve lived in have had great times.

Ashley: What is your favorite way to promote?

Wendi: I’m still learning about promotion, so not sure, but I love doing the blog tour. It’s fun to meet new people and see some great blogs.

Ashley: Where is your favorite place to write? Why?

Wendi: Anywhere I can have my laptop. I’m more of an in front of the television kinda girl... or my iPod... so as long as I have my computer... I think I’m good.

Ashley: What is your favorite fairy tale? Why?

Wendi: Sleeping Beauty because I always wanted a dress that changed color. Plus I think the hero is darned sexy.

Ashley: What was your favorite vacation?

Wendi: Bristol Tenn. We saw a bunch of NASCAR races, walked on the track, and just had a great, fun family time.

Ashley: If you had another career, what was it?

Wendi: Art Teacher, k-12. Honestly, I can handle the public no sweat. Teenagers scared the dickens out of me. Why? They are darned jaded and a lot of them have little respect. And a lot of parents expect teachers to rear their kids instead of it being a partnership.

Ashley: If you didn’t write, what would you do instead?

Wendi: Right now, be a mommy. But I also work for the Long and Short of It Reviews.

Ashley: If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Wendi: I honestly have no idea. I’d like to say something grand like world peace or drinking water for everyone, but I have no clue what I could wish for that would help the most people.

Ashley: If you could describe yourself in only one word, what would it be? Neurotic.

Ashley: Who is your favorite American Idol contestant this year? Why?

Wendi: The little girl from Toledo.... can’t remember her name cause I don’t actually watch the show. But I’d pick her cause she’s from Ohio.

Ashley: Are you a cat or dog person? Do you have any pets and if so, please tell us about them.

Wendi: Cat person. We had two cats, but one passed earlier this year—Rusty Wallace. I still have one cat, Kenny Wallace. He’s a chubby orange cat on the order of Garfield. We also have two dogs, Jojo (so named after a former student who wanted my DS to be a girl), and Darlington. Jojo is a mixed breed who was supposed to be a beagle, but she got tall. Darlington is a beagle-basset mix.

Ashley: Please tell us about your most recent release and where we can purchase it.

Wendi: Learning How to Bend came out April 19th from Total E Bound and can be purchased at and Right Where I Need to Be comes out today, from The Wild Rose Press and can be purchased at, or

Ashley: Please give us your urls and your publisher’s url.

Ashley: Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers? Please do so here.

Wendi: I think that sums it up pretty good. I loved being here and hope to come back soon!

Thanks so much for joining me. Of course, since we're critique partners I get the pleasure of your company a lot. Plus I'll be seeing you this June in person at Lori Foster's Readers and Writers Get Together. I can't wait. :)

Blurb ~ Learning How to Bend:

Abby Donovan imagined nothing could change her simple life as a librarian. Her loving husband Seth, a mechanic in the Air National Guard, is scheduled to return from a short deployment in Iraq. Before he gets home, a letter arrives. It seems Seth is asking for a divorce. She must decide whether to walk away without a fight or to wait and confront him with the thing he's always dreamed of - a ménage a trois. But all is not as it seems.

Seth Donovan wanted an idyllic life to go along with his career in the military. Then he sees the atrocities of war firsthand. A conversation with a colleague ends up as fodder for the rumour mill and so much more. Seth never wanted a divorce. He wants his wife. Will she accept him despite the rumours and advances from another man? Or can their relationship withstand the turmoil of war?

Excerpt ~ Learning How to Bend:

“When can a fantasy be more than just a figment of the imagination?”

Abby Donovan pushed the sweat-soaked strands of hair off her forehead. “When the object of one’s affection is real.”

She plopped down on the couch. Pushing the furniture to the perimeter of the room drained her. Now she spoke to the walls, knowing her wayward husband couldn’t hear her ranting. “Is this what you wanted, Seth? Six years down the drain because your dick couldn’t stay in your pants?”

She glanced at her cell phone then at the photo propped against a nearby box. She, Seth and his best friend Nate grinned back at her. Maybe pizza would take her mind off her pain. Probably not, but with Nate as the delivery man, anything was possible. She bit her fingernail and dialled Besta Pizza Around’s number. A medium pie with extra mushrooms delivered by the sandy-haired hunk would make her feel a little better.

She checked the time on the clock on the microwave. Seven-oh-seven. Her husband’s best friend, Nate Waterston, was on delivery duty. Besta Pizza Around’s policy was ‘delivery in half an hour or you get another pizza free’. Calculating her wait time, she turned on her heel and headed to the bedroom. She had to hurry if she wanted to be dressed when she met her favourite pizza guy.

Abby stripped off her clothes in the stark bedroom and turned the stereo up to full volume, blasting the rock band, Slipknot, to drown out her turbulent thoughts.

She tugged off her socks. Seth smiled from a snapshot on the dresser. She balled the clothing and hurled them at the picture. “You son of a bitch! Why? Wasn’t I exciting enough? I loved you.” I still do…

Tears streamed down her cheeks. Her chest heaved. “Was it because I’m not a pilot?” She wadded her T-shirt and tossed it across the room. “You said our lovemaking was passionate and explosive!”

She stepped into the steaming hot shower. The water stung her tired muscles, but felt wonderful nonetheless, like indulgent pinpricks on her tender flesh. While she lathered her body, her mind wandered back to Seth. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t get her soon-to-be ex-husband out of her mind.

Learning How To Bend is available at Total-E-Bound

Logan Malone needs an acting job and fast. With his string of broken hearts, his professional life lies in shambles. To resurrect his career, he must audition for a television role which could be the job of a lifetime.

Cass Jenson needs an actor for her made for TV movie. The previous actor dropped out, leaving her stranded. Her savior shows up looking sinfully sexy and totally right for the part, but what part is she auditioning him for - her movie or her bed?

(Pages 298) Hot

Excerpt ~ Right Where I Need To Be:

Logan’s hand caressed her shoulder. “Can I help you finish? You and your friend should be sipping margaritas and ordering the lawn boy around, not sweating yourselves to death.”

She raised her brows. “You thought being a movie star meant you were entitled, that’s what.”

A wolfish grin curled his lips. Flecks of gold lit his hazel eyes, sending a fresh rush of lust to her core. He leaned in very close to her ear. “Maybe.”

She took a fortifying breath and fought the urge to taste him. Damn that cologne. Her heart skipped a beat. She donned her best sultry smile. Two could play his game. “Really?”

He nodded. She licked her dry lips. How could one man be so irritating and damn sexy at the same time? She scooted close enough so her bare knee brushed against his denim-clad thigh. Firm muscles without an ounce of fat. Ooh. “Do you want to explore?”


Cass took his hand, teasing his palm with her fingers and caressing the creases in his skin. His voice went from friendly to sexy in an instant, making her thighs quiver with excitement. “Cass.”

“Yes.” She bit her bottom lip and filled his hand. “Okay. Explore to your little heart’s content.”

His eyes opened wide before he scrunched his brows. “Keys?”

Cass grinned. “Yep.”

His blank expression turned into a frown. “For what?”

She patted his thigh and stood up. “The mower. Tell me when you finish. I’ve got an acre in the back that’s got your name on it.”

Right Where I Need To Be is available at The Wild Rose Press

After you check out Wendi's books, also check out BLOGMANIA today. It's at

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Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

Thanks for having me and heck yeah, I can't wait to see ya in a month in Cincy! Maybe one of these days I'll be cool enough to be one fo the "be sure to check" authors on you list! :)


J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Excellent interview!! I'm going to pick up a copy of Learning How To Bend, damn it! Sounds sooo good!!


Molly Daniels said...

I'm putting both of these on my TBB list, Wendi!

It doesn't look favorable for me attending Lori's this year,'s hoping next year will be better! Gotta keep the hubby in good health...and working!

P.L. Parker said...

Enjoyed this and getting to know about you and your work. I love Gerard Butler too - especially in the one about the dragons.

Tracie said...

I will definitely be adding you to my list of authors to watch for! I enjoyed your interview and your writing style. Wishing you much success and happiness!

Author Roast and Toast said...

Great interview and I loved the excerpt. Now I'm gonna have to get this book!!
Gerard Butler looks great as Jamie in The Diana Gabaldon Voyager Series. Now I keep day-dreaming about it.

Dwayne said...

Great interview - I agree with Wendi in saying characters serve as an outlet for a writer's inner musings.

Kaye Manro said...

I so enjoyed this interview, Wendi and Ashley! Congrats to both of you on your same day releases!

Unknown said...

Thanks for joining me today, Wendi. It's been really cool. In person in Cincy will be even better... :)

You ARE cool enough. I'm going to add you and update my list. I'm just braindead sometimes. :)

Wendi Zwaduk and Megan Slayer said...

You're not braindead, just super busy.

Thanks for having me. This was a blast and thanks to all who commented. I was out of the house almost all day, so blogging got kicked to the back burner, but I'm here now! :)

Elaine Hopper said...

I didn't leave the day job 'til almost 7 pm. Then hubby finally decided it was a good night to celebrate his 50th birthday - I've been trying to get him to do so for 2 weeks.

And I'm also doing this Blogmania thing. So busy day. :)

Oh! And Mocha the cat insists on lying between me and the keyboard and it's hard to type. I keep moving her and she keeps coming right back.

Wendi, I'll add you to my list of must see blogs before weekend's end.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Wendi,

Just wanted to say 'hi'! Excellent interview. It's so cool that you know Ashley in real life! I'd love to meet more of my author colleagues.

Good luck with the releases!

All the best,
Lisabet (who also prefers brunettes)

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