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Bad Conduct - new erotic romance release Monday April 19, 2010

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"Bad Conduct" my erotic romance releases Monday April 19th at Total-E-Bound. It is the stand alone sequel to "The Perfect Gift", revisiting Bianca, Ty, and Brendan as Ty returns home from his tour of duty in Iraq and both his lovers decide they want Ty all to themself.



When Captain Ty Gibson comes home from a tour of duty in Iraq to marry Bianca, their sometimes third lover Brendan stirs up a mess of trouble.

Captain Ty Gibson has made up his mind. He loves Bianca and he's going to marry her. But when he comes home from his tour of duty in Iraq, their sometimes third lover Brendan fights for Ty. Although Bianca once enjoyed their occasional ménages, she's ready to settle down with just one man and wants that one man to settle down with just her.

Brendan's troublemaking jeopardises everything in Ty's life – his future with Bianca and his military career.

Excerpt From: Bad Conduct

Captain Tyler Gibson shivered from anticipation. Or was it a first class case of nerves?

Before turning on his webcam, he double-checked that his door was locked and his curtains tightly shut. Although no one should barge in on a captain’s private quarters, one never knew, and he couldn’t afford to be caught.

“You should stop this madness before you get busted, idiot,” he murmured under his breath.

He couldn’t wait to go stateside, to make Bianca his bride. He should have done it before shipping out to Iraq. If not for her concerns about their sometimes third lover, Brendan, he would have.

The book laid propped open where he could refer to it. The rest of the room was neat, ready for inspection. Hospital corners made the blanket taut on his bed. It wouldn’t stay that way once he began pleasuring himself, pretending it was Bianca’s hands caressing him.

An instant message signal beeped on the computer, and his heart raced. His gaze bounced to the double monitor sprouting from the steel desk.

His pulse hammered in his throat. His hands grew clammy so he wiped them down his side. His cock thrummed.

Bianca… His love.

He moved to open it, squinted at the screen name and his heart stopped. It was Brendan.

Chills raced down his spine, and he broke into a cold sweat. He needed to go cold turkey on the man and had tried to do so, but Brendan kept IMing and emailing.

To Tyler’s shame he was still turned on by the guy. He didn’t have the same type of feelings for Brendan as he did for Bianca, but he still got a hard-on thinking of the man’s hot bod. Why had Bianca given Brendan to him as a Christmas gift, wrapped in a huge red bow and nothing else?

His breath burned in his throat, and his nostrils flared. He stared at the invitation and his body burned.

God, but he was in hell.

His gut clenched, his nerves on the razor’s edge.

Bianca was due at any moment, and if she got the slightest inkling he was having sex, even cyber sex, with Brendan, he feared what she would do.

If he answered Brendan’s summons, could he get him off in time? If he didn’t answer, Brendan would keep pinging him. Surely, Bianca would hear. Even if she didn’t, he would know.

The monitor glowed like a fiend, as deadly as an armed enemy soldier. After inhaling deeply, he lowered himself to the computer chair and typed, “I can’t talk. I have an important online meeting.

The message came on that Brendan was typing. Then words flashed on the screen. “With who?”


He was against lying but typed anyway, “My commander. I’ll email you later.”

Surely you can squeeze in a quickie.” Then a nude live shot of Brendan popped onto Ty’s screen.

Ty’s breath grew shallow and his fingers itched as Brendan stroked his hard, shiny cock and gazed through the screen with a come hither look.

A scream strangled in Ty’s throat and he wanted to throttle and fuck the guy all at the same time. Brendan could be such a bitch.

A very sexy bitch.

"Bad Conduct" is available at Total-E-Bound
"The Perfect Gift" is available at Total-E-Bound


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Happy Release Day, Ashley. I've added both to my TBB pile.

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