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Monday Minute Fiction: Body Painting

Monday Minute Fiction

Body Painting

by Ashley Ladd


(this work belongs to Ashley Ladd and cannot be duplicated without permission)

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Body Painting  
Shivers attacked Brandee Levy as she unzipped her pants. "I thought you were going to paint me naked," she asked as she looked around at all the graffiti decorating the walls of the old warehouse.

Nate looked up at her from the cold concrete floor, his blue eyes inscrutable. "Body art."

She looked around but spied nothing except large cans of paint. Her brow crooked. "What kind of body art? Where's your canvas? Your easel?" 

Nate pushed off the floor and rose to his feet. He took her jeans as she stepped out of them and folded them neatly. Then he helped her out of her unbuttoned blouse and added it to the stack of clothing.

When his fingers grazed her naked flesh, she quivered. She'd never posed naked before, never known a man like Nate. And she wanted to know him...intimately.

First, however, she let him take charge of the session. She liked take charge men and hoped he was one. With his dark good looks, and intense gaze, his every look made her quiver. His brief touch threatened to melt her. And the idea of being immortalized naked on canvas made her pussy quake, especially if Nate hung her nude painting in his bedroom.

To her disappointment, he walked away from her, leaving her cold and bereft in the drafty room. She'd hoped he'd warm her with his body.

A couple moments later he swaggered back, carrying a large tent-like thing. Then he spread it on the floor. "This is the canvas."

She eyed it and frowned. "On the floor? What kind of artist are you?"

"Abstract." He grabbed a can of yellow paint and poured a large circle onto the canvas. Then he added blue, red and purple.

Brandee put her hands on her hips. She wasn't sure what to think but when his gaze caressed her breasts, her nipples beaded.

He pointed to the canvas. "Roll around in the paint. Spread yourself on it."

Not sure about it. she hesitated. Then she decided, "What the hell. Might be fun."

She threw herself into it and rolled around the canvas, painting with her toes, her nose, her nipples and even her pussy. She tossed a saucy gaze to the artist. "How's this?"

Nate ambled up to the edge of the canvas and towered over her. His shadow kissed her.

She wished with all her heart that it was him kissing her, rubbing paint over her body, painting her with his cock. "Good, but I think it could be better."


She tilted her face up to him. "How?"

Nate cracked a lopsided grin and began to strip. When he was fully naked, his engorged cock hanging heavily, he drawled, "Let me help. Let me caress you like the paint. Let the canvas be an expression of our passion."

"Be my guest." But she hoped he wouldn't be too abstract. She longed for him to be very specific.

He added green and white paint to the mix then lowered himself to the canvas, rolled around in it, then painted a heart with his cock. When she giggled, and said, "I've never seen a man do that before."

Nate tented his brow at her. "You've rolled around naked in paint before?"

She shook her head. "Not that, either." She swept her lashes low over her eyes and curled her fingers around his cock. It was warm and pulsing in her hand and made her blood boil. "And I've never made love in paint...but I'd like to."

He pulled her into his arms and his hot breath skipped across her neck. His minty breath mingled with hers. "I'd love to also."

Then a sobering thought brought her back to earth and she sighed. "We can't. The paint might be toxic...inside. Is there a shower in here?"

A bright smile lit his lips. "It's non-toxic, edible paint. We can lick each other clean all over and we'll be perfectly fine."

Joy radiated through her and she moulded herself to him. Slick with paint they slid against each other, laughing. When he nudged his knee between her legs, she spread them wide and invited him inside.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. That was great! Really freakin' HOT is more like it actually! (And, I like that you mentioned the edible paint part bc I had the same thought about it being toxic inside the body)

I really need to visit your site more often. Sorry, I've been such a sloth about that, but I will definitely be trying harder :)

Unknown said...

Fanning myself over here! Another great start to Monday. :)

Congrats on the new release.

Nara Malone said...

I loved this story. What a creative idea!

Brynn Paulin said...

Another awesome one!
Congrats on your new book!!!

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