Friday, May 28, 2010

Armchair BEA: Consistency


It's good for many things: child-rearing, blogging, branding.

So what is my brand? "Variety is the Spice of Love"

Variety isn't exactly consistent. But I write in a variety of romantic sub-genres. Vampires. Ghosts. Witches. Futuristic Space Sagas. Futuristic Space Pirates. Time-travel. Contemporary romance. Sweet Romance. Erotic Romance (MM, MF, MFM, MMF). I'm sure I've forgotten a couple.

However, I try to stay consistent with blogging. This week aside, however, when I've had killer bronchitis and also trying to participate in Armchair BEA.

Mondays is MMF better known as "Monday Minute Fiction". I write a new free short story and post it here. It's always based on a picture sent to me by my friend Brynn Paulin.

Wednesdays is always an author interview or guest blog. This week because of Armchear BEA, it was a reader interview.

Saturdays is always "Saturday Snippets". In other words, romantic excerpts from one of my books and excerpts to several other Saturday Snippet excerpts.

I try to blog at least a couple other days a week, but don't promise. Usually I blog most days of the week. And I've been trying to stick to writing/reading/promotion related topics.

I like to follow several blogs. Two that come to mind have consistent blogging rituals.

The Bumbles hosts their Monday Movie Theme, Friday "On Blogging", another day "On Photos", etc.

Brynn at Writing at the Speed of Life hosts Monday Minute Fiction every Monday and author interviews on Wednesdays.

Do you have any blogging rituals? Do you think it matters?

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Eric W. Trant said...

I'm starting to think ritual matters wrt blogging. I'm trying to only blog MWF, but sometimes on TTh, and try to avoid the weekends, and instead read other blogs and catch up on what other writers are doing.

But if you want a consistent readership either in your blog, or in your STORIES, the readers need to know what to expect after the first introduction.

When I come to Ladd, I know what to expect.

Usually. Even then sometimes I'm thrown back.

- Eric

Kathleen said...

I've yet to get myself into a routine with my blogging nor have I developed any rituals. One of my future goals for my blog is that I will be consistent. I know I appreciate it when I know what to expect from other bloggers and knowing they will post on a regular basis makes me want to read them more.

Unknown said...

Eric and Kathleen ~ It's only fairly recently that I've come to realize it would be good for my blog to have a set schedule.

As per weekends, I hear that's the worst traffic days, but as a full-time Monday - Friday worker, the weekends is my best time to blog and visit other blogs. Of course, I try to preschedule posts.

Often, I get more traffic on weekends than weekdays. But that's probably because I'm more active on the web and announcing my blog posts more then.

Tif Sweeney said...

I do have at least one consistent post this year on a weekly basis and that is Fairy Tale Fridays. I also did a Sunday Synopsis, but discontinued it; however, I'm very tempted to bring it back because it was nice at keeping myself somewhat organized!

Though I like some consistency that I can rely on, I also like a few surprises! It helps to spice things up a bit and adds some excitement to my blog reading! Afterall, when I see in my Reader an entire list of Teaser Tuesdays, I tend to check those all as read!

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