Saturday, May 01, 2010

Blogmania Winners ~ Announcement

I don't want to keep everybody in suspense. I've emailed all the prize winners their prizes already but I want to thank everybody for joining me for Blogmania yesterday and entering my contest.

Please congratulate the winners.

They are:

Amazon Gift Card for $20.00 - Skyla ~ skyla11377(At)AOL(Dot)Com

Book Combos - (I decided to award two winners for books)

Anna ~


Dawn ~ designsbydawnmd (at) gmail (dot) com

How I chose the winners:

I used a free online random generator.

When it picked #1 (the third time), I was afraid people would think I just picked the first person on the list because she was first. However, after I thought about it, the first person who entered has just as much right as everybody else to win. So it really was a random draw.

I wish I could have rewarded everybody who entered and who joined my blog.

Please stay tuned. I will have other contests, guest bloggers, author interviews, free stories, and more fun things.

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Dawn Doucette said...

Thanks Ashley! I am really looking forward to reading your work! I'll print it out and it'll be a good bathtub read :o)

Thanks so much for joining in the Blogmania fun! I appreciate you sharing your writing talent with the world! ;)

Have a terrific weekend!

* said...

Sweet prizes!

I'm hosting a little writing contest over at my blog this week, a Spring Poetry Contest. Stop by for a waffle & some words.

PS: I love your blog background!

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