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Author Interview: Cherie De Sues

Please help me welcome romance author, Cherie De Sues, to my blog today. Be sure to leave comments for her and ask questions.

 Ashley:  Why do you write (erotic) romance?

Cherie:  Sex is part of most relationships that occur between two consensual adults. The time to shut the door to sex or use separate beds when sleeping went out with Leave It To Beaver in the sixties. I try to blend the sensuality of each character until they fit together for a Happily Ever After or Happy For Now. Using real terminology and describing feelings in detail help the reader fall in love as well as the characters in my novels.

Ashley:  What romance subgenres do you write in?
Cherie:  I currently write suspense, paranormal and contemporary. Why? These genres seem most real to my experience and capabilities as a writer. I enjoy writing suspenseful moments and the paranormal very much.

Ashley:  Are you aware of any themes that run through your stories?
Cherie:  Yes, a friend pointed out that I do have a theme. If so, what are they? I write novels that incorporate water, whether it is the sea or a raging river.

Ashley:  What would you like readers to take away from your stories?
Cherie:  If someone reads my novel, novella or short story and smiles, I've found a new friend. The feedback I've received from "Tales of the Red Moon Clan" has been extraordinary from readers. They write to tell me they can't wait for the next in the series. That's what I want readers to feel, a sense of community and enjoyment for my writing.

Ashley:  What inspires your stories?
Cherie:  I've had some rare experiences in my life because I've traveled extensively. Bad weather, harrowing near-death experiences and lover's who've shown me the wonders of role playing. I use personal memories and create characters to support those moments.

Ashley:  Will you be attending any book or writing conferences this year?
Cherie:  I did a great deal last year, but had to beg off for this year. I have too many projects that need completion and a handful of vacations to take. I will be attending the MUSE conference online for all writers from every part of the world. I would never miss this online conference in September.

Ashley:  Do you have any book signings or author appearances coming soon? If yes, where and when?
Cherie:  I mostly write for ePublishers when I found out that Barnes and Noble sold more eBooks than hard cover last year. Maybe I'll do DVD signings this year, that would be a hoot!

Ashley:  What is your writing schedule?
Cherie:  Every day for at least 8 hours. I do promotion, blogging and answer lots of emails every day too.

Ashley:  Do you have any other passions besides writing? If yes, what is it? Why?
Cherie:  I'm passionate about a lot of different things. Traveling, wine, music, men and the water. I'm an Irish gypsy by birth and when the full moon beckons I let my hair down and experience the beauty of nature. I just came back from a Mexican Riviera cruise and hope to outline a novel from the wonderful experience.

Ashley:  What is the best memory?
Cherie:  My son Scott's birth and every day since.

Ashley:  What is your favorite comfort food?
Cherie:  Chocolate…dark, rich chocolate.

Ashley:  What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Cherie:  A weekend in the arms of a great lover.

Ashley:  What decade has been your favorite? Why?
Cherie:  I think the 70's were awesome because of the loose sexual attitudes and communing with nature. We were blissfully unaware of what waited for us in the 80's and beyond with disease. The 70's began my passion with painting with watercolors and oils.

Ashley:  What is your favorite way to promote?
Cherie:  Okay…two ways. One is lazy with Tweetadder that tweets and handles Twitter while you drink a cabernet on the patio. The other is one to one contact with readers and listening to what they understood about one of my novels. What a rush.

Ashley:  Where is your favorite place to write? Why?
Cherie:  I am willing and able to write anywhere. I wrote in the pub in Ireland, on board ship along the coast of Mexico and on a wooden bench between skiing the slopes in Colorado. My super favorite is in my rust, over stuffed chair in my bedroom overlooking the garden as Reilly, my Irish terrier sits on my feet.

Ashley:  What is your favorite fairy tale? Why?
Cherie:  I always liked Snow White, but it was Rose Red, her sister that always intrigued me…how did she get her man?

Ashley:  What was your favorite vacation?
Cherie:  Wow, having had so many over the years that's a tough one. If I must choose one then my summers at Point Judith, Rhode Island with my cousins gets first place. We ran around the beach without adult supervision, only our grandparents were there to feed us fluffanutta sandwiches!

Ashley:  If you had another career, what was it?
Cherie:  I worked for over 30 years in surgery with open heart and thoracic patients. No, I don't miss it, I'm enjoying sleeping through the night without an on-call status. Smile.

Ashley:  If you didn’t write, what would you do instead?
Cherie:  I'd buy a tourist shop on the ocean and rent mopeds. Seriously, I need to live next to the sea and I like people.

Ashley:  If you could have one wish, what would it be?
Cherie:  For health for my family and myself. Everything else is second.

Ashley:  If you could describe yourself in only one word, what would it be?
Cherie:  Determined.

Ashley:  Are you a cat or dog person? Do you have any pets and if so, please tell us about them.
Cherie:  I really enjoy all animals. Currently I have one pet, Reilly, an Irish terrier mix from the pound. He's the finest, smartest and friendliest dog I've ever shared my life with.

Ashley:  What is the one thing you most want to do that you haven’t yet?
Cherie:  Jockied for a position on the bestselling book category. That's like winning an Oscar and I'll work hard for a shot at that title.

Ashley:  Please tell us about your most recent release and where we can purchase it. \
Cherie:  "Tales of the Red Moon Clan" was released on Valentines Day by Noble Romance Publishing. Here's the blurb.

Neol Pallaton walks alone through the bowels of society as a bounty hunter, until he shifts into a cougar to save Assistant D.A. Sara Hughes from certain death. A relentless killer keeps them moving by day through the Oregon forest—and by night under the full moon, passion rules their hearts.

The rugged forest is no place for a beautiful and feisty city woman, but Neol’s determined to help Sara piece together why she's being hunted. Sara thought bounty hunters were brutal loners who stretched the law she’s sworn to uphold. But Neol proves that no one can hunt, track and protect her like a Navajo medicine man from the Red Moon Clan.

Neol is willing to anger the spirits to protect his one true mate. Sara will have to bend the law to keep Neol and her alive—and together forever.

"No one will bother us tonight. We'll make our way up the mountain tomorrow and maybe run into other hikers with a cell phone. Something will shake loose for us, I'm sure."

Sara lifted a brow. "You're an optimist. I didn't see that coming." She laughed a little, feeling nervous again about being in such close quarters with a man she barely knew but desperately wanted. The room warmed quickly and she peeled out of her flannel shirt.

Neol's gaze caressed her and her heart raced, hoping he'd touch her, kiss her. She blushed as she walked to the dresser for water and a granola bar. The attraction made thinking difficult.

He stood and ate up the distance between them. She turned into him; his breath fanned across her face.

"Hungry?" She whispered.

Sara looked up into feral eyes. His hunger claimed her with a powerful and direct gaze. Her lips parted. Animal heat sizzled between them like a hot wire.

With quick reflexes, Neol pulled her into him, tugging her hair back to seek her mouth. Her arms slid around his neck, taking fistfuls of black hair as his passion surrounded her. She nibbled his lip and slid her tongue sensually against his in response as he pulled her closer.

Neol's body bucked against her when she bit down on his lip and his possessive growl made Sara quiver with need. He moved under her snug t-shirt and filled his hand with her breast, rolling his thumb across the sensitive nipple.

She moaned with the sensation as he brought his fingers under her bra to touch the sensitive skin underneath.

She rubbed against his hard body like a cat in heat, desperately wanting to feel what she'd seen in the moonlight. Neol backed her toward the bed as his hands loosened the bra. With a quick tug, Sara became naked from the waist up.

He laid her gently onto the soft flannel and quickly took his shirt off over his head. His gaze feasted on her in the glow of the fire. His hands went for the zipper on his jeans.

Her eyes couldn't get enough of him as the fabric slid down and he revealed himself to her. Neol stood fully aroused then moved toward her like a predator. She quivered with pleasure. His muscles rippled as he leaned over her body and licked at the exposed flesh on her stomach and inhaled deeply.

"I can smell your scent, your heat." Neol's rough voice mixed with a guttural purr of desire as he leaned up, piercing her soul with golden eyes. "You would have me? Knowing what I am?"

Hearing Neol's plea for acceptance as a man melted Sara's heart. How long had he been without a woman, because of the necessity for secrecy? Her hands moved to his smooth, ripped chest and she raked her nails gently downward. Neol exhaled a fast breath and shuddered with her touch.

"What you are is part of why I want you, Neol." Sara spoke quietly and simply as her body pulsed with desire for this strange Navajo shape-shifter.

A sudden snap of a pine splitting from lightning and a roar of thunder close behind rattled the metal roof. She trembled from the sound—Neol's name meant storm.

"I've waited so long to hear those words, Sara." His mouth slowly descended to hers, and his fingertips followed the curve of her breast. He changed direction, tracing lazy circles to the zipper of her jeans. Her body flushed with heat from the pleasure, as his gentle, insistent hands pulled down her jeans and lacey thong. Lightning snapped brightly across the wall and the thunder rolled loudly far away. She shivered.

"Be still for me, Sara; you're safe with me."

Neol's voice sounded like velvet to her ears. He took his time to taste and feel her body with his lips, tongue and fingers. She writhed at his touch, while he explored each collarbone, hip and the soft curve of her neck. Trapped by the pace and demand for her to be still, Sara's desire burned with each rapturous kiss. Neol licked at the tender flesh on the inside of her thigh and she moaned deeply.

"Neol." The whisper left her lips with edgy need.

The foreplay had been agonizingly sweet; she wanted to melt into him, feel him inside of her. The excitement from his roaming lips seemed almost too much to bear.

Neol came down to lie next to her and brought his mouth to her breast with nips of teeth. She moaned as a lightning strike hit close by the cabin and rocked the bed in its quake.

He leaned up to gaze into her eyes. "The storm has begun."
REVIEW by You Gotta Read
Jennifer said... 'I loved this book!'

Brandi said..."I love this book'

REVIEW by Two Lips
Merrylee said…'a suspenseful paranormal romance that takes you on a thrilling, fast-moving ride that just gets better and better with each turn of the page...'

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Ashley:  Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers?
Cherie:  Only that I will continue to write the most scintillating, suspenseful and sensual romances. Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful blog, Ashley. I've enjoyed myself so much.

Thanks. It's been a pleasure chatting with you. I hope you'll visit often. Good luck with your books.


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Unknown said...

What a great interview! I must say Cherise, Judith Point is a wonderful place to vacation. I live about 40 mins away and take day trips throughout the summer.
Sometimes we rent a beach house and skip all that beach traffic. :)

Irish Gypsy said...

Hi Amber,

Thanks for checking out the interview, I LOVE Galilee, Scarborough Beach and Point Judith! The lighthouse foghorn used to make my cousins nuts, I adored it as it lulled me to sleep. Fantastic area, you are soooo lucky to live there! I visit my cousins in Pawtucket, but never often enough for me.

Marie McGaha said...

Great interview, Cherie. The 70's were my fave time too. The innocence, the freedom--sex, drugs, rock n roll! I miss the times when drugs were legal! LOL

Rie McGaha...fantasy that keeps you up

Stacey Smith said...

Looks like a great book.I just Love Paranormal book I'm so glad so meny Authors are wrighting them.
My Fave was the 80's i was two young in the 70's but i was a teen in the 80's and you alway renember your teen years.


Stacey Smith said...

Looks like a great book.I just Love Paranormal book I'm so glad so meny Authors are wrighting them.
My Fave was the 80's i was two young in the 70's but i was a teen in the 80's and you alway renember your teen years.


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