Thursday, November 05, 2009

Do You Read All the "Popular" Books?

I know people who go out of their way to never conform. Some are downright ornery. My friends "J" and "S" are often loners and do what they want no matter how weird or unpopular. Sometimes they go overboard to intentionally piss off people just for the fun of it.

I know others who want to be part of the crowd so badly they'd sell their soul. In junior high my friend "C" wanted to be part of the in crowd so badly she schemed and worked to get befriended by the cool kids. She even started smoking pot with them.

Blech!  Both are pretty annoying.

Do you read popular books or watch popular movies just because everyone else is? So you can join the conversation? Or so you can say "I read that, too?" Or just so you have a frame of reference?

I've done it. Not always, but sometimes. There are some very popular authors I have yet to read.

A few years ago it seemed everybody at work was reading the "Left Behind" series. They talked about it a lot. They even read it on breaks at work so had the books sitting on their desks.

Curious, I asked about them. They sounded interesting. Honestly, I wanted to know what everybody was talking about. Ditto with "The Da Vinci Code". I really enjoyed the first several books of the "Left Behind" series and the first movie (not the second or third movie, however.) "The Da Vince Code" was pretty good.

I also picked up "Harry Potter" because of all the buzz. I'm not sure I would have bought it for myself but since my daughter had it in the house, I read it, too. I enjoyed it.

However, I haven't read "Twilight". My daughter-in-law loves the story and has it memorized. I only saw the movie because my daughter-in-law played it at her birthday party. It was...okay. Frankly, I was disappointed. After all the hoopla, I thought it would be at least pretty good. I thought Edward's and Bella's romance would be as classic as Rhett and Scarlett's. My son and daughter-in-law have already purchased tickets to see "New Moon" on the first showing at midnight. They've already booked my daughters to babysit my grandchildren.

I like vampire romances well enough. I've written at least four. But this time, I feel obstinate. I don't feel like being part of the crowd. I'll get around to it in my own sweet time - if I get around to it. There are other books, other movies, other things I'd rather do first. Or maybe I don't care what the rest of the crowd is doing any more. If they go my way, fine. If they don't, fine.

What about you?

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Unknown said...

I read the "Left Behind" series because it was all my boss talked about at the time. I was lucky because she offered me her copies as she finished them.
My daughter has read the Twilight series and insists I read them, but I have no desire to. I'm not sure why. She has the movie and I've yet to watch it. Maybe some day! :)

Linda Kage said...

In most aspects of my life, I usually do my own odd thing and don't follow the crowd. Didn't get me tons of friends, but hey, I'm usually off in my own world, so I don't care.

In the book world, if a book or series is getting a lot of buzz, I gotta see what the fuss is about. I liked the Harry Potter series and Twilight (the books are definitely better than the movie). Da Vinci Code was alright, but I don't see why it made such a big splash. I tried to start Left Behind, but didn't get past chapter one of book one. But yeah, if I start seeing a cover everywhere, I'll try a book.

Stephanie said...

I read what sounds exciting and entertaining to me...regardless of what others say or think. I love Chick Lit...don't care one bit what people say about it!!!

As far as Twilight interest what so ever. I am not into anything vampire at all...just not my thing. I know tons of people who adore the books and tell me I would love them too. Maybe part of me doesn't want to give in to the hype...but the rest really has no desire to read about vampires.

Dawn said...

I read things that are popular & popular authors if what they are about intrigues me. I have to say that I fought pretty hard not to cave into the Twilight craze. First I caved and watched the movie. I didn't like it, but everyone still kept talking about the books, and I admit I was curious. So, I caved and read them. I couldn't put the darn books down. As soon as I finished one, I immediately wanted to read the next one. It was nuts! Who knew everyone was right? LOL! My friends and I are planning on going to see New Moon the Monday after it comes out to avoid crowds. I don't expect it to be nearly as good as the book, but it will still be fun to see the characters come to life a bit.

Molly Daniels said...

I was a late starter to the Harry Potter craze, until I saw the 1st movie. I bought Twilight when my sis recommended it. My daughter bought Lightening Thief several years ago, but didn't like it. I read it and was instantly hooked, as was K.

LOVED the Left Behind series when my BFF brought her copy and let me read the first chapter. I introduced my mom to the series, and got her hooked on it too.

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