Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Snippets: Black Moments

Today's theme for Saturday Snippets is the "black moment".
My black moment today comes from my recent release "Recipe
for Disaster" an M/F erotic romance published by Total-E-Bound.

Friday loomed like doomsday.  Too sick to her stomach to go to school, she called in sick for the second day in a row. She didn’t know if she’d be thrown out that very day or if she’d be granted any grace period.
She hadn’t planned to go to the foreclosure sale, but she was compelled. Morbid fascination drew her as if a spider had caught her in its webs and bled her dry.
Embarrassed to be one of the lowlife dregs of society, she wore a hooded jacket and wrapped a scarf around her face. Only her eyes were visible and barely so from beneath her hood.
The auction room was jammed with bargain hunters who seemed ready to mow down their own grandmothers to get a good seat.
Hot and stuffy, Jamie loosened the scarf but she refused to remove the jacket although the only people she recognized were a couple of the buzzards. She prayed a truly needy family would buy her house, not some greedy speculator. Most of the people in the room, however, looked to be gluttonous assholes with dollar signs in their eyes.
Her least favourite were the men with slicked back hair and gaudy cocktail rings on every finger. They gave her the creeps.
The auctioneer started the sale at 11 a.m. sharp and her last hope died. No Max. She was officially homeless.
She held her breath until she felt lightheaded. She strained to hear the property descriptions and bidding.
The damned animals were stealing the houses for pennies. It felt like the death knell of America. Society wouldn’t die in a blazing inferno. It would be foreclosed. A few rats would live like kings and the good, homeless people would live like rats.
She blinked back tears hoping she wouldn’t burst into uncontrollable sobs. She was about to save herself and leave when she heard her property put up for sale and then Max’s voice.
Max’s voice?
Stunned, she froze to the spot. She couldn’t exhale.
When she heard his voice again, her paralysis broke.
The traitor!
He was bidding on her house!
"Recipe for Disaster" is available at: Total-E-Bound.
Vivian Arend
Ashley Ladd
Jaci Burton
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Shelley Munro
TJ Michaels
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