Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Contest: Win a pdf download of "Bad Conduct"

To celebrate the launch of my new FMM erotic romance novel "Bad Conduct" which releases next Monday April 19th, I'm holding a contest.


To win a pdf file of "Bad Conduct" leave a comment for me on my blog, tweet about my contest, follow me on Twitter or this blog, join my newsletter, or all of the above. Leave a comment on my blog before midnight Sunday April 18, 2010 letting me know which one(s) you've done. You'll receive an entry for each.



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Bad Conduct - blurb

When Captain Ty Gibson comes home from a tour of duty in Iraq to marry Bianca, their sometimes third lover Brendan stirs up a mess of trouble.

Captain Ty Gibson has made up his mind. He loves Bianca and he's going to marry her. But when he comes home from his tour of duty in Iraq, their sometimes third lover Brendan fights for Ty. Although Bianca once enjoyed their occasional ménages, she's ready to settle down with just one man and wants that one man to settle down with just her.

Brendan's troublemaking jeopardises everything in Ty's life – his future with Bianca and his military career.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence. It is the sequel to “The Perfect Gift”. It also stands alone. Although this story is about two men and a woman, it does not have a ménage scene in the story.

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Linda Kage said...

I love the cover of that book!

Molly Daniels said...

So do I! Looking forward to see how this one turns out:)

Unknown said...

Hawt cover.

Another great book I'm sure.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys. I want Ty for myself he's so cute. :)

Tibby said...

Im not even halfway done with The Perfect gift and i love it and can't wait for this book!! your an amazing author and i want ty!!!! Now i really wish i had a twitter so that i could follow you!!!! In fact screw it im going to go get one right now!!LOL!!

Sandra Cox said...

What a great concept.

Unknown said...

Leaving a comment here enters you for the contest, too. So you're entered, Dusk. :)

I hope you'll enjoy Bad Conduct, too, if you read it as well. I'm so happy you like The Perfect Gift. :)

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